Adult Neurology

The Adult Division of Neurology provides patient care in all subspecialties of our field including the areas of, Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders, Stoke, Headache, Autonomic Disorders, Neuromuscular diseases, Epilepsy, and General Neurology.

In clinical departments across the country the rapid evolution in the Neurosciences is mirrored by the development of subspecialty care teams. Modern stroke care, for instance, requires that physicians with special expertise make rapid determinations of a patient's status and of the optimal management. Treatment options vary from routine admission for observation and work-up to immediate intracranial thrombolysis. Our Division is fortunate to have several fellowship trained Neurologists specializing in stroke and both Neurointensive and Neurointerventional care, who can provide state-of-the-art treatments. The clinical expertise assembled in the Department of Neurology had resulted in JCAHO certification of Froedtert Hospital as the first Primary Stroke Center in Wisconsin in 2004.

Adult Inpatient Care is provided by four specialized care teams who cover epilepsy, stroke and all other neurological problems in the regular wards. The fourth group of physicians cares for critically ill patients in the Neurointensive Care Unit. We utilize 6 rooms on the inpatient ward for EEG-Video monitoring of patients with seizures and to identify individuals who may benefit from surgical resection of epileptic brain foci. Candidates for such invasive procedures are carefully selected by a team that also includes neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists and specially trained nurses.

Electrophysiological capabilities in the Adult Division include standard methodologies for EMG, Nerve-Conductions, EEG and Evoked potential studies. We further provide electrophysiologic monitoring during a wide variety of procedures, including spine surgery, brachial plexus exploration, epileptic focus resection and during the implantation of deep brain stimulators (DBS). The Adult Division further operates an autonomic lab that offers advanced and innovative test capabilities. The spectrum of lab services in the Adult Division is rounded out by a sleep lab, and a muscle and nerve pathology laboratory. We obtain or own skin, nerve and muscle biopsies and analyze the samples with light, confocal and electron microscopy.

Adult Division physicians have variable clinical and research engagements. Some are full time clinicians while others have extensive research commitments. We work closely with our own group of six PhDs and collaborate with basic scientists from the Medical College of Wisconsin. A large proportion of clinicians are involved in drug studies, particularly in the fields of dementia, movement disorders, and epilepsy. Other ongoing research focuses on devices such as carotid stents and innovative applications of deep brain stimulation.

Physicians of the Adult Section of Neurology work closely with a group of outstanding residents, fellows, nurse practitioners and nurses. Their daily contributions enable us to continue providing high quality care and participate in research and the training of new physicians. We are committed to translate our own research and the rapid advances in the Neurosciences into therapeutic benefits for our patients.