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Welcome to PCOR's SAS Training & Documents page. Below is information for PCOR's online training:

This training is designed to cover four topics. It is not meant to teach you everything that there is to know about these subjects; this is just a kick-start to get you going!

  1. The SAS System software suite contains a wide variety of software products (called SAS for short) that create an all-encompassing data-driven environment. SAS is the “Swiss army knife” of the statistical analyst covering the wide-spread areas of data processing, statistical analysis, graphing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Relational Data Bank Management Systems (RDBMS) access and much more. SAS is a combination of high-level, optimized PROCs (a Fourth Generation Language or 4GL) and low-level DATA step programming (a Third Generation Language or 3GL).
  2. UNIX/Linux is the operating system of choice for SAS use due to its stability and security.
  3. Emacs is a powerful editor and, with the Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) package, is tightly integrated with SAS.
  4. The last topic involves the details of our local setup here at PCOR.

Introduction to SAS - Slide Presentation (PDF)

Basic SAS - Handout (PDF)

Example (PDF)

SAS Documentation

Training Session 1: Unix/Linux, Emacs and ESS (PDF)

Training Session 2: Introduction to SAS, SAS Macros and Warehousing (PDF)

Training Sessions 3 and 4: Introduction to SEER, Medicare and SEER-Medicare (PDF)

SAS Help

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