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Thanks to all who participated in the 2020 poster session!

This event was hosted for the first time virtually by the Office of Community Engagement. Thanks to all who presented their work and volunteered to make it a huge success! Over 45 posters were featured, depicting community engagement work by MCW students, staff, faculty, and academic and community collaborators and more than 150 were in attendance. 

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2020 Virtual Poster Session

This session was held virtually on November 17, 2020. Check out the poster presentations for each break out room!

Poster Session 2020
Child Health, Care and Education
Assessment of Indoor Air Quality and Cleaning Behaviors in Urban Childcare Facilities by Erin A. Lee, MS; Joshua Steinberg, MD; Anne Dressel, PhD

Community Engaged Program to Implement the Malawi Developmental Assessment Tool for Young Children at the Child and Family Foundation of Uganda Clinic in Kampala Uganda by Sarah Benett, MS; Brittany Fickau; Ronald Anguzu; Harriet Babikako, PhD; Laura Cassidy, PhD

Key Stakeholder Perspectives on Information Exchange Between Early Head Start/Head Start (EHS/HS) Programs and Pediatric Practices by Constance Gundacker, MD, MPH; Rachel Cusatis, PhD; Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH

“Eyes on the Future” Project at St. Augustine Preparatory Academy by Jenna E. Maurer, BA; Velinka Medic, MS; Judy E. Kim, MD

Integrated Mental Health Curriculum for Middle School Students: A Pilot Study by Jacqueline Schaefer, BS; Rebecca Waldman, BA; James Stevens, MD, PhD

Green Schoolyards: A Descriptive Analysis of Baseline Data Prior to a Natural Experiment by Taylor Brockman; Charissa Fritzen-Pedicini; Yuhong Zhou; Michael Totoraitis; Sima Namin; Ronald Anguzu; Justin Hegarty; Kirsten Beyer

Key Stakeholder Perspectives On Community-Wide Resource Directories To Address Social Determinants Of Health by Constance Gundacker, MD, MPH; Krisjon Olson, PhD; Sarah Zuk, MD, MPH; Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH

Housing Instability among Families and Caregivers of Children in Foster Care by Michellai K. Parks, BS; Lisa Zetley, MD

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Community Health and Clinical Care
Emergency Department Utilization by Kaitlyn S. Sonnentag

Partnering with Community Leaders to Enhance Patient Care in the Emergency Department by Ashley Pavlic, MD, MA; Taylor Sonnenberg, MD, MSGH; Sarah Russell

Factors Influencing Show Rates of Emergency Department Referrals to Primary Care Clinics by Miranda H. Brown; Greg Stadter, MPH; M. Chris Decker, MD

Measuring Patient Length of Visit & Reducing Wait Times at Philippine Center Free Medical Clinic by Jonathan Slimovitch; Cameron Stewart; Maria Mendoza-Lemes, MD

Empowering Primary Care Family Networks towards Nutrition Behavior Change by Marie Balfour; Bryan Johnston, MD

Qualitative Findings of Latinx Families Experiences Following a Physical Activity and Nutrition Program by David Nelson, PhD; Kelly Dione, MA; Mari Cevilla; Jackie Jones, MS, RDN; Jeffrey Condit, MS; Paula Papanek, PhD, MPT, LAT, ATC, FACSM

Impacting pharmacy practice based on community-centered interventions at community pharmacy by Sanaya Bhathena, BSc

Lessons learned in the first year of implementing a pharmacist-led community-based health screening program in underserved Milwaukee neighborhoods by Michael DeBisschop, PharmD; David Ombengi, PharmD, MBA, MPH; Colleen Cornelius, MS 

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Creative Care for Vulnerable Populations
Community-Academic Partnership in Milwaukee County: A Model For Improving Veteran Healthcare Nationally by Anjali Goswami, MS; Zeno Franco, PhD

Opioid Misuse Among Veterans: A community engaged approach to tackling a wicked problem by Myah Pazdera, MS; Kajua B. Lor, BCACP; Otis Winstead Jr.; L. Kevin. Hamberger, PhD; Zeno Franco, PhD; Sarah O'Connor, MS; Martina Gollin-Graves, MSW; Robert Hurley, MD, PhD; Syed M. Ahmed, MD, MPH, DrPH

The Warriors Path: Using clinical measures in a Veteran arts- based community project... should we? by Katinka Hooyer, MS, PhD; Nancy Smith-Watson, BA; Leslie Ruffalo, MS, PhD

Bringing COVID-19 Patients Comfort: Virtual Music Sessions in the ICU by Jennifer C. Mackinnon, MD, MM; Jennifer Hollis, CM-Th, MDiv; Julia Reimann

Enhancing patient-centered medical care through life story work by Sai Suma K. Samudrala; Justin Laridaen; Seth Jovaag; Thor Ringler, MFA, MS; Michael McBride, MD, MS; Bertrand D. Berger, PhD

Evidence-Based Decision Making: Marathon County Pre-trial Project by Natalie Weeks

Wisconsin Views on Addiction and Mental Health by Nathan R. Staidl

Factors Associated with Tobacco use in Homeless Adults; A Mixed Methods Study by Benjamin Wrucke, BS; Lauren Bauer, MD, MPH; Rebecca Bernstein, MD, MS

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Health Communication and Messaging
Examining the Social Network of PATCH Teens by Anna Bauman; Paula Neiweem; Corina Norrbom, MD; Amy Prunuske, PhD

“A gay man and a doctor are just like, a recipe for destruction”: How racism and homonegativity influence health care for young Black gay and bisexual men by Katherine G. Quinn, PhD; Broderick Pearson, MCW; Matthew Lewis

Anatomy-based Community Education Using Plastinated Organs by Ryan E. Hillmer, PhD; Teresa N. Patitucci, PhD

COVID-19 in Wisconsin: A Qualitative Study Examining Wisconsinites Perceptions and Reactions by Maren Hawkins; Anne Dressel, PhD, MLIS, MA, CFPH; Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu, PhD; Peninnah Kako, PhD; Lance Weinhardt, PhD

Implementation of Digital Strategy for Community-Based COVID-19 Clinical Trial Recruitment by Thomas Luo, BSE; Tom Jiang, PharmD

MaskUpMKE: The Medical College of Wisconsin's Collaborative Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Greater Milwaukee by Jonathan C. Horng, BA; Michelle C. Horng, MPAS, PA-C; Mack G. Jablonski, BA; Zeno E. Franco, PhD; Adina L. Kalet, MD, MPH; Christopher S. Davis, MD, MPH

COVID-19: Engaging Hmong and Hispanic Populations in Bi-Directional Communication - Part 1 and Part 2 by Corina J. Norrbom, MD; Dima T. Jaber, BS; Greta Berger, BA; Mariana Savela, BS; Julie Bunczak, MSEd; Amy Prunuske, PhD; Mang Xiong, BA; Tony Gonzalez, BA 

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Medical Student Education and Research
Analysis of Focus Group Results for Teleophthalmology to Improve Eye Health Among Latinos Study by Megan D. Yee, BA; Militza Bonet Vázquez, MPH; Al Castro, MS; Velinka Medic, MS; Blanca Rodriguez; Judy E. Kim, MD

A community-engaged tool to bridge the gap in student ophthalmology education and inform student-led CHECK UP education sessions by Katerina Tori; Megan Cory; Wasif Osmani; Rebecca C. Lundh, MD; Annette L. Giangiacomo, MD; Deborah M. Costakos, MD, MS

Implementing Telemedicine at a Student-Run Free Clinic: Adapting Operations to Continue our Mission During a Pandemic by Allison E. Whorton; Spenser T. Marting; Staci A. Young, MD; Rebecca C. Lundh, MD

Medical Student Competencies for Community Engagement Informed by Community Stakeholders by Amy Prunuske, PhD; Lucas Mathson, BS; Haley Pysick; Eric Giordano, PhD; Jacob Prunuske, MD; Corina Norrbom, MD

Wisconsin Physician Gender Bias by Kristin Tischer; Brittany Shultz

Impacts of a Service-Learning Health Education Program on Public Housing Residents and Medical Student Leaders by Eliana Sosa; Linda Meurer, MD, MPH; Staci Young, PhD

Implementing a Medical Student Community Engagement Summer Immersion Program by Bryan Johnston, MD; Sarah O'Connor, MS; Kelsey Heindel; Myah Pazdera, MS; David Nelson, PhD, MS; Leslie Ruffalo, PhD; Syed M Ahmed, MD, MPH, DrPH, FAAFP

Tiered Mentoring At JMAC: Evaluation of a Medical Student-Led Health Careers Outreach Program by Morgan Ashley C. Craft; Kyle Welhouse; Suzanne Letellier, MEd, MCHES; Linda Meurer, MD, MPH

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Taking Care and Giving Care
The Impact of Adaptive Garden Tools in Central Wisconsin by Hannah Phelan; Corina Norrbom, MD; Amy Prunuske, PhD; Elise Schuler; Brianna Wright

Avanzando Juntas: Adapting an Evidence-based Weight Loss Program for Hispanic Breast Cancer & Gynecological Cancer Survivors by AnaKaren Manriquez Prado, BA; Staci Young, PhD; Sailaja Kamaraju, MD; Patricia Sheean; Kathleen Jensik, MSW; Melinda Stolley, PhD

A framework for transformed community-academic partnerships to reduce cancer disparities: A Case Study by Tobi Cawthra, MPH; Laura Pinsoneault, PhD; Beth Brunner; Deborah Thomas, DD; Carol Williams, PhD; Melinda Stolley, PhD

Prescription Medication Disposal Methods in Marathon County Among the Aging by Shannon D. Faehling; Corina Norrbom, MD

Geriatric Perceptions of Weight and Weight Loss in a Community Clinic by Elise Kahn, BA; Leslie Ruffalo, PhD, MS

Healthcare System Support for Caregivers of Elderly Adults Through the Lens of the Medical Community by Annie Tuman; Leslie Ruffalo, PhD

Brain is Time by Abdulghani Mounir; Timothy Guthrie

Assessing Efficacy of Pre-Hospital Providers in Correctly Identifying CVA in De Pere and Ashwaubenon WI - A Retrospective Study by Jayme S. Nelson; Patrick D. Best 

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2019 Poster Session

The 2019 Poster Session as a part of MCW ENGAGE 2019: Strengthening Partnerships. Cultivating Capacity. was a huge success - thanks to all who submitted and presented their posters!

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