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Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency Program

Ascension Family Health Center, Columbia St. Mary's

Medicine is visionary. Your residency training should be, too! At the Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency, we're excited about the future of family medicine. And as we have envisioned the future of family medicine, we have completely restructured our educational program to prepare you best for your future practice. Today, family physicians' practices are more diverse and more ambulatory-based than ever before. Our response? We developed innovative curricular tracks (Maternity, Global Health and Community Medicine), which provide you with the focus and flexibility to tailor your educational experience to your future practice preferences. We augmented our solid roots in strong inpatient rotations with a new ambulatory curriculum. Our new state-of-the-art Family Medicine Center, complete with an electronic medical record and unique daily office hour schedule for all residents, will better simulate your future practice. Here you will establish habits of life-long learning in order to become an advocate for your patients, a leader in your community, and excited about the future. Come visit tomorrow's residency today!

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**Affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin

Columbia St. Mary's Family Health Center Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Bodden, Seth, MD | Assistant Professor

Garrison, Camille, MD | Associate Professor, Program Director

Green, Alison | Administrative Assistant, Sr.

Hofmeister, Sabrina L., DO | Assistant Professor, Vice Chair of DFCM Clinical Affairs, Director, Clinical Division

Johnson, David, MD | Assistant Professor

Kisting, Monique | Administrative Assistant, Sr.

Lundh, Rebecca, MD | Assistant Professor

Lyon, Robert, MD | Associate Clinical Professor

Manor, Betsy, MD | Assistant Professor

Passolt, Brooke, MD | Assistant Professor

Sanders, James, MD | Professor, Medical Director, Director, International Medicine Track

Seidl, John, MD | Assistant Professor

Waldhart, Jeremy, DO | Assistant Professor

Kennedy, Lorie | Program Coordinator

Peterson, Rebecca | Administrative Assistant, Sr.

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Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency Program

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