SURFboards Pediatric Boards Preparation Program

The SURFboards Pediatric Boards Preparation Program is a comprehensive boards review program that spans throughout the entire residency starting during orientation.

It incorporates multiple different methods to help our residents develop an outstanding medical knowledge base to serve them both during patient care as well as in the boards certification process.

The program includes:

Large volume/variety of patients through residency.

High quality noon conference curriculum with clinical case-based and board question elements included.

Boards Championship Series
A monthly conference that utilizes the audience response system and takes a fun approach to helping residents prepare for their pediatric board exam. Each month, residents read the articles published in the AAP's Pediatrics in Review and are tested via the audience response system on these topics. Resident teams compete each month for SURFboard points.

Serious Senior Surfing
A weekly session for third year residents that covers highest yield articles from Pediatrics in Review. Residents complete PREP questions quizzes, discuss their answers/reasoning in small groups and participate in large group discussion facilitated by faculty reviewing answers and key learning points. They compete in a fun, team-based approach.

Ace the Boards
A weekend board review course presented by MCW faculty experts the month before the boards to review high yield materials and questions.

Customized Surfing
Individualized coaching for residents who may need extra resources and services to help them prepare for and pass the boards.

Since the implementation of this program, our first time pass rate has significantly improved:

  • 2009: 78% (SURFboard Program implemented)
  • 2010: 84%
  • 2011: 91%
  • 2012: 96%
  • 2013: 95%
  • 2014: 96%
  • 2015: 96%
  • 2016: 90%
  • 2017: 95%
  • 2018: 90%
  • 2019: 90%
  • 2020: 88%

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