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Pediatric Residency Scholarly Work and Research Opportunities

  • Ample elective time in the curriculum allows residents to select month-long blocks during which they can develop and implement research projects.
  • Residents have access to a database of faculty interested in mentoring residents in a wide range of scholarly activities to help identify projects and mentors based on the resident’s individual interests and goals.
  • There is a “Research in Your Career” conference as part of our noon conference lecture series when faculty from a wide range of backgrounds and fields talk about their path to scholarly work and help support residents interested in all forms of scholarship.
  • Residents can choose the subspecialty/research track which can be tailored to provide mentorship and elective experiences aimed at research goals and the opportunity to perform research as a scholarly project.
  • All physician-scientists of the CRI are available to serve as research mentors for residents.
  • Stipends provide funding for residents to travel to and present research at national meetings.
  • Annual resident research day is a yearly conference for residents to present any and all research which they have performed.
  • Annual Resident Quality Improvement Day is a yearly conference for residents to present their quality improvement projects 

Resident Research/QI Highlights

2022 Resident QI Day Presentation
FLUVAx: Following Longitudinal Usage of Vaccine Administration. Taylor Dalsing, Bethan Fanning, Michael Flancher, Ashley Logan, Kaitlyn Skrzypcak, Rachel Ullrich 

Improving Nighttime Education in Pediatric Residency. John Kelly, MD, Sarah Milota, MD, Matt Molenaar, MD 

Addressing Decreased Wellness Amongst Pediatric Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic Kendall Snellgrove, MD; Christopher Scott, MD; Aidan Reid, DO; Mansa Monga, MD; Kelsey Kenaan, 

Implementation of “The Pause” after Challenging Patient Care Events to Improve Resident Wellness, Anisha Arora, Annie Gladding, Cassie Mejia, Clarise Valencia, Danielle Owerko, Joana Dimo, and Matthew Roenius
2022 Resident Research Day Presentation
Beneschott, Natalya
Let’s Talk Smack: Social History Confidentiality is Key 

Carro, Sabrina
The Empty SmartLink Solution: A QI Initiative to Improve H&P Documentation Using Clinical Decision Support 

Dimo, Joan

Microbiology of Pediatric Neck Infections Based on Age and Anatomic Location 

Owerko, Danielle
Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia: Variation in Knowledge and Practice Habits
2021 Resident QI Day Presentations
Vaping Education Quality Improvement Package. Jackie Lee, Geanina Tregoning, Laura Goeser, Stason Vandegrift, Brittany Lehrer, Shamshad Shahrukh

Increasing Pediatric Resident Comfort with Management of an Emergent Pediatric Patient. Annica Alwine, Jonathon Gutzeit, Krista Parran, Swathi Prasad, Rachel Umhoefer, Ashleigh Watson

Improving Resident Scholarly Engagement. Robert Trevino, Oluwasoore Akande, Allison McLellan, Alexandra Wood

It’s Getting HOT in Here: Improving Resident Education & Comfort of Key Oncologic Topics. Justin Dey, Michelle Hwang, Sadie Mason, Nina Morgan, Hannah Van Galder, Michael Wedoff
2021 Resident Research Day
Annie Alwine
Fetal Level of Concern for Congenital Heart Defects: Does assigning a level of concern make sense

Laura Brickman
Molecular Basis of Genomic Variants in TBL1XR1 Associated with the Pierpont Syndrome Phenotype

Joana Dimo
Use of Clinical Practice Guideline to Improve Management of Septic Arthritis and Acute Hematogenous Osteomyelitis in Children

Laura Goeser
Utilizing an eConsult System: Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Providers

Haley Mertens
Improvement in Influenza Vaccination Rates in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease on Biologic Therapy

Robert Trevino
Tour for Diversity in Medicine & Pediatric Mentoring Circles: Bringing Advising and Mentoring to the Virtual World
2020 Resident QI Day Presentations

Decreasing Length of Stay in Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in the Newborn Nursery - Emily Callan, Rohini Chakravarthy, Catherine Groden, Madeline O’Keefe, Puja Singh

Coaching the Pass: A Resident QI Initiative for Improving Patient Handoffs - Emma Austenfeld, Melissa Chiu, Tom DuBois, Emily Hause, Yitong Liu

Shock and Awe: Improving House Staff Recognition and Management of Sepsis - Lauren Titus, Merritt Tuttle, Errin Mitchell, Jaimee Hall

Improving Influenza Vaccination Rate at Midtown Clinic - Gabriel De Vela, Andrea Jimenez, Veronica Korthals, Abby Engen-Schimek, John Schimek

Reducing Hypokalemia in Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patients within a Pediatric Hospital - Michael Kim, Leann Madion, Timothy Rogers

2020 Resident Research Day Presentations

Melissa Chiu
Cultural Sensitivity Education when Working with the Refugee Population in Milwaukee

Catherin Groden
Code Blue Events in the NICU as compared to the PICU 

Jaimee Hall
Blastomycosis in Children: A Retrospective Analysis of Epidemiologic Factors and Clinical Features of Disease

Emily Hause
Faster, Higher, Stronger… Weller?: An Innovative Olympics to Improve Resident Wellness 

Michael Kim
“How Did I Do Coach?” – Impact of Parent Rounds Coach on Learner Performance

Liu Yitong
Tolvaptan Induces Renal Expression of Pro-fibrotic miR-382-5p in ADPKD

Errin Mitchell
Capnocytophaga Sputigenia Epiglottis: A Case Report in a 16-month-old with Neutropenia 

Timothy Rogers
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Results in Remodeling of Cerebral Vasculature in the Developing Brain of Offspring

John Schimek
Suicide Prevention Through Firearm Safety

Puja Singh
Improving Rates of Monitoring for Type 2 Diabetes Complications

Lauren Titus
Intent, Substance, and Care: Characteristics of Adolescent Ingestions Hospitalizations 

Krista Tuomela
The Rounds Efficiency Index: A novel physics-based construct for patient- and family-centered rounds

Resident Presentations at Regional, National, and International Meetings

Robert Trevino, Ashleigh Watson, Oluwasoore Akanda, Michelle Hwang, Swathi Prasad, Connie Gunadacker.
Advancing Cultural Humility in Pediatric Residency, Pediatric Academic Society Virtual Conference 3/2021

Trevino, et al.
Tour for Diversity in Medicine & Pediatric Mentoring Circles: Bringing Pediatric Advising and Mentoring to the Virtual World. Pediatric Academic Society Virtual Conference 5/2021

Lauren Titus, Albert Liu, Sarah Bauer, Amanda Rogers.
You Don’t Have To Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here”: Optimizing Discharge Criteria Documentation on Hospital Medicine Resident Teams Pediatric Academic Society Virtual Conference 5/2021

Lauren Titus, Albert Liu, Melissa Chiu, Michelle Hwang, Oluwasoore Akande, Swathi Prasad, Robert Trevino, Ashleigh Watson, Michael Weisgerber.
The Humble Pediatrician: A Case-Based Curriculum for Cultural Humility. Association of Pediatric Program Directors Virtual Conference 3/2021

Swathi Prasad, Michelle Hwang, Ashleigh Watson, Robert Trevino, Oluwasoore Akande, Connie Gundacker.
Development of a Cultural Humility Curriculum Framework for Pediatric Residents. Association of Pediatric Program Directors Virtual Conference 3/2021

Robert Trevino, Ashleigh Watson, Swathi Prasad, Oluwasoore Akande, Michelle Hwang, Connie Gundacker.
Pediatric Resident Needs Assessment on Cultural Humility Training. Association of Pediatric Program Directors Virtual Conference 5/2021

Koller, Charlotte Formeller, Julie Kolinski.
Refractory Agitation in a Pediatric Patient. Society of Hospital Medicine Virtual Conference 3/2021

Oluwasoore Akande, Allison McLellan, Robert Trevino, Swathi Prasad
Integration of a Professional Identity Formation Curriculum in a Pediatrics Residency Program. Association of American Medical Colleges Virtual Meeting 11/2021

Oluwasoore Akande
American Physician Scientist Association Joint Meeting with AAP & ASCI

John Gutzeit 
An Unexpected Case of Chronic Cough, Best Practices in Pediatrics Conference, 2020

Jamie Collins
Hypoglycemic Seizure in a Healthy Teen, Society of Hospital Medicine Conference 2020

Catherine Groden
Code Blue Events in the NICU compared to the PICU, PAS 2020

Gabe Devala, Jaime Hall
The Effect of a Mock Medical Visit on Refugee Health Self-Efficacy and Medical Trainee Communication Apprehension, APPD 2020

Laura Goeser
An Infant With Multiple Hemangiomas: Case Report and Clinical Guidelines, Best Practices in Pediatrics Conference, 2020 

Merritt Tuttle, Lauren Titus, Jaime Hall
Shock and Awe: Improving House Staff Recognition and Resuscitation of Sepsis and Shock, Guidelines, Best Practices in Pediatrics Conference, 2020

Albert Liu
Case Report: HCT as Treatment for CVID in a patient with inflammatory neurological lesions and seizure disorder, Pediatric Immunodeficiency Treatment Consortium Meeting, 2020

Billy McElroy
Intracranial Mycotic Aneurysm Complicating Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection, Best Practices in Pediatrics Conference, 2020

Emily Hause
Faster, Higher, Stronger... Weller?: An Innovative Olympics to Improve Resident Wellness, PAS 2020

Kelsey Kenaan
Management Approaches and Outcomes for Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) closure, PAS 2020

Matthew Molenaar 
Early Feeding in PICU bronchiolitis patients is associated with favorable clinical outcomes, SCCM 2020
Neuro-functional morbidity in pediatric patients admitted for bronchiolitis, SCCM 2020

Robert Trevino 
Men of Color in Medicine (Workshop), Pathways to Physician Diversity: A National Summit 2020

Annica Alwine
Assigning Fetal Level of Concern, WAPC Annual Conference, 2020

Michael Kim
Parent Coaching: A Novel Approach to Trainee Feedback, APPD 2020, PAS 2020, PHM 2019 

Catherine Groden
Comparison of Code Events between Intensive Care Units and the Emergency Department in a Tertiary Care Children's Hospital, PAS, 4/2019

Violeta Tregoning

Jaime Hall
Giving SIRS a Boost: An Unusual Case Deduced, Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference, 2019 Jaime Hall

Emily Callan
5' AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Regulates Angiogenesis Function Of PAECs Through Modulation Of PGC-1α Expression, Faster, Higher, Stronger... Weller?: An Innovative Olympics to Improve Resident Wellness PAS 2019 

Madhuri Dave, Lauren Castaneda 
Improving Screening Lab Compliance in an Urban Pediatric Practice, APPD 2019

Michael Kim
Overcoming Institutional Barriers while Implementing ACHD dosing protocols, AAP Conference, 2019
Reducing Hypokalemia in ACHD patients in Children's Hospital, AAP Conference, 2019
EEG Monitoring as a Biomarker for Anti-Epileptic Drug Use in Patients with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. 2019 PAS

Katie Carlton
Using QI Methodology to Decrease Utilization Drift of Therapeutic Hypothermia, PAS 2019

Priya Agrawal 
PVCs in Parechovirus: when the tachycardia doesn't tally up, SHM 2019

Adam Langenfeld
Reading as a tool to decrease parental distress following hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit, PAS 2019

Sonia Mehta
Snap This: Utilizing Social Media as a Tool for Reproductive Health Awareness in the Hospital Setting, PAS 2019 and Society of Hospital Medicine Conference 2019
Addressing Reproductive Health in Hospitalized Adolescents—A Missed Opportunity, Society of Hospital Medicine Conference 2019

Resident Research Awards

Emily Hause
MCWAH Research Award 2020 Faster, Higher, Stronger... Weller?: An Innovative Olympics to Improve Resident Wellness

Brittany Lehrer
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Travel Scholarship 2020 

Robert Trevino
New Century Scholar Award 2020
National Hispanic Medical Association Resident of the Year 2020

Emily Hause, Albert Liu, Lauren Titus, John Gutzeit, Michelle Hwang, Michael Wedoff 
MCW Teaching Pin Award 2020

Leann Arcori
MCWAH Research Awards 2020

Jaime Hall 
MCWAH Research Awards 2020

Emily A. Callan
MCWAH Research and Quality Award 2019 - 5’ AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Regulates Angiogenesis Function of PAECs through Modulation of PGC-1α Expression    
Society of Pediatric Research’s Outstanding Trainee Research Award  2019 - 5’ AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Regulates Angiogenesis Function of PAECs through Modulation of PGC-1α Expression    

Michael Kim
Ray E. Helfer Award for Innovation in Pediatric Education 2019 Parent Coaching: A Novel Approach to Trainee Feedback 
MCWAH Research and Quality Award 2019 - Parent Coaching: A Novel Approach to Trainee Feedback  

Michelle Hwang, Albert Liu, Jonathon Gutzeit 
MCW Outstanding Teacher of Medical Students Among Residents, 2019

AAP Resident Research Grant for VWFpp/VWF Ratio Before and During DDAVP Challenge

Resident Publications

Henning RE, Hu KY, Rein LE, et al. Alvimopan is associated with decreased length of stay for both open and laparoscopic segmental colectomy. Surgery. 2019;166(4):483-488. doi:10.1016/j.surg.2019.04.035

Olsen GM, Hansen LM, Stefanko NS, et al. Evaluating the Safety of Oral Propranolol Therapy in Patients With PHACE Syndrome [published online ahead of print, 2019 Dec 11]. JAMA Dermatol. 2019;156(2):186-190. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2019.3839

Kron M, Roenius M, Alqortasi MAM, et al. Academic Medicine and Science Diplomacy: Medical Education in Iraq. Acad Med. 2019;94(12):1884-1890. doi:10.1097/ACM.0000000000002918

Rana U, Callan E, Entringer B, et al. AMP-Kinase Dysfunction Alters Notch Ligands to Impair Angiogenesis in Neonatal Pulmonary Hypertension. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2020;62(6):719-731. doi:10.1165/rcmb.2019-0275OC

Carroll BJ, Kim M, Hemyari A, et al. Impaired lung function following e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury in the first cohort of hospitalized adolescents. Pediatr Pulmonol. 2020;55(7):1712-1718. doi:10.1002/ppul.24787

Stefanko NS, Davies OMT, Beato MJ, et al. Hamartomas and midline anomalies in association with infantile hemangiomas, PHACE, and LUMBAR syndromes. Pediatr Dermatol. 2020;37(1):78-85. doi:10.1111/pde.14006

Yale S, Stefanko N, McCarthy P, McFadden V, McCarthy J. Severe methemoglobinemia due to topical dapsone misuse in a teenage girl. Pediatr Dermatol. 2020;37(2):377-378. doi:10.1111/pde.14080

Resident Grants

KERN Grant Cultural Humility Curriculum For Pediatric Residents, 2020 Michelle Hwang

AAP CATCH Grant 2020, Adolescent-Derived Interventions for Vaping Cessation, Violeta Tregoning, Robert Trevino  

Transformational Ideas Initiative Advancing Cultural Humility in Pediatric Medical Training 2020, Robert Trevino 

AAP Catch Grant Suicide Prevention through Firearm Safety 2020 John Shimek, Abby Engen Schimek 

AAP Catch Grant 2019 Gabe Devala, Sonia Mehta 


Pediatric Physician Scientist Development Program

This program utilizes the special training pathways approved by the American Board of Pediatrics to allow individual residents to pursue academic subspecialty careers in a non-traditional sequence. For eligible and interested residents, the Accelerated Research Pathway allows residents to complete general pediatric training in two years, and then enter subspecialty fellowship training, which will last four years. This pathway gives the resident and fellow the opportunity for an additional year of subspecialty research training. For MD/PhD residents, the Integrated Research Pathway allows residents to alter their schedules to permit concentrated blocks of research time to be integrated into their resident clinical experiences.

We support and encourage the participation of our residents with a strong interest in academic subspecialty careers in these programs. These programs combine the assets of our residency and fellowship programs with the strengths and resources of the CRI to cultivate the careers of subspecialty-trained pediatric physician-scientists who will assume academic leadership positions throughout the country.