Solidarity in Medicine

Solidarity in Medicine (SIM) is a committee of medical trainees and educators who gather with the following mission statement in mind: to encourage residents to advocate effectively for self and colleagues as we pursue personal fulfillment and develop our professional identity in a more equitable medical field.
Collaboration Brainstorm 3F 2M

SIM explores topics that haven't been formally addressed elsewhere in our program. The group has three main goals:

  1. Empower residents to stand up for their fellow trainees and appreciate the unique tribe we belong to as co-residents
  2. Acknowledge academic medicine's tendency to create a never-good-enough culture and seek ways to prioritize personal fulfillment equally with professional success
  3. Discuss emerging evidence about discrepancies in salary & leadership opportunities to help us become informed advocates for our future colleagues and promote greater equity in the medical field 

Our discussions thus far have centered on standing up for ourselves during tense situations in medical training, strategies to recognize and minimize mansplaining, and cultivating a joyful work and home environment based on Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee. We are looking forward to further explorations of ways to support one another during our medical training and future careers.