Physiology Core Services

Eleven individuals currently staff the RSC, each with significant experience in a broad range of activities that support the research infrastructure. The staff is divided into several groups: computer support; analytical and statistical consultation; chronic animal monitoring; histology, microscopy and image processing; custom machine and electronic fabrication; instrument service; and rat colony maintenance.

Systems management is a key element in sustaining large and complex research efforts. This concept is applied to maximize efficiency and flexibility in design and maintenance of research equipment and facilities used by researchers in the department. Integration of the various component parts of a research protocol into a reproducible and manageable system comes from combining experienced individuals of complementary skill sets to given design problems. The objective is to provide a technical infrastructure for the research programs from the laboratory bench to publication.
  • Biochemistry

    The Biochemical Core Service Center provides a broad range of assays for biochemical measurements. 

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  • Histology

    Services include tissue fixation, embedding, processing, sectioning, and staining of submitted tissues. Immunohistochemistry is also available. 

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  • Microscopy

    Our Microscopy Lab offers a broad range of imaging options to faculty and students in the department of Physiology.

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  • Computer Core

    An integrated computer environment to support research and other needs with 14 PC workstations with specialized software, printers, and access to dedicated servers for online storage. 

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  • Chronic Monitoring Facilities

    Provides equipment, computer hardware and software, and service and support necessary for short term or continuous 24-hour-a-day measurement of hemodynamic variables from research animals in their home cages. 

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  • Other MCW Core Facilities

    Other core facilities at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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