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Other MCW Core Facilities

The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Physiology encourages collaboration between different departments and research facilities. Below is a list of laboratories and equipment available to researchers, students, and faculty. 

Adenoviral Core Facility

Affiliated with the Cardiovascular Center (CVC), the Adenoviral Core Center provides customized service for research within and outside the Medical College of Wisconsin. Its services include constructing adenoviral vectors for gene delivery and promoter analysis in cultured mammalian cells (primary or established lines), freshly dissociated cells, isolated organs or tissue and in vivo animal studies.

Bryant Imaging Core Facility

The Bryant Imaging Core is a multi-user facility located in room MFRC 4023 and is available for use by all MCW faculty and staff, provided that they are trained and qualified for use of the equipment. Key card access is required for entry into the facility.

Electron Microscope Facility

The Electron Microscopy Facility at MCW is an interdepartmental research service unit managed by the Departments of Microbiology & Immunology and Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy. The facility provides service, training, and consultation for research projects requiring transmission electron microscopy. The facility operates on a fee-for-service basis and is open to all faculty of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Shared Mass Spectrometry (MSMS) Facility

The MSMS Facility is an interdepartmental research service unit managed by the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. The facility provides service and consultation for research projects requiring mass spectrometric analysis (fundamental, identification and quantitation) of a variety of organic compounds, peptides and proteins.

Transgenic Core Facility

The Transgenic Core provides a technology resource to support the generation of transgenic mouse lines and knock-out mice. Core staff members offer expertise, materials, training, consultation, access to equipment, and perform selected procedures on a fee-for-service basis. The Transgenic Core consists of a laboratory for procedures involving production and maintenance of transgenic mouse strains, a tissue culture facility for all procedures involving Embryonic Stem (ES) cells and gene targeting experiments, and a transgenic barrier holding facility. The Core is under the direction of Dr. Hartmut Weiler, who has extensive experience in the production of genetically altered mice, and includes three additional staff members skilled in various aspects of transgenic animal production and related procedures.