Physiology News

Recent Awards

The department of physiology would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following department members:

Shauna Rasmussen, 5th year graduate student in the lab of Dr. Aron Geurts, for winning the 26th Annual Graduate School Poster Session with her poster titled Utilization of immune compromised rats for allogeneic rat hepatocyte transplant model.

Dr. Justine Abais-Battad, postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Dave Mattson, for winning the 26th Annual Graduate School Poster Session with her poster titled Influence of Parental Dietary Protein Source on Dahl Salt-Sensitive Hypertension and Renal Disease.

Dr. Abais-Battad also received the $1,000 Edward J. Lennon, MD Award for an Outstanding Woman Postdoctoral Researcher for 2016.

Maria Angeles Baker, graduate student in Dr. Liang's lab, for successful defense of her thesis entitled miR-192-5p in the Kidney is Protective against the Development of Hypertension.

Three medical students who spent the summer conducting research in the labs of several physiology faculty received awards for their posters:

  • 6th place: Scott Sandy, mentored by Dr. Geurts, poster titled CRISPR/Cas9 ex vivo gene editing of rat primary hepatocytes as a potential therapeutic model for genetic disease.
  • 7th place: Kristen Winsor, mentored by Dr. Staruschenko, poster titled Atrial Natriuretic Peptide knockout exacerbates renal and cardiac damage in salt sensitive hypertension.
  • Tied for 10th: Sophie Miller, mentored by Dr. Kriegel, poster titled The Mechanistic Role of miR-21-5p and PPAR in CKD-Related NAFLD and Dyslipidemia.