Microscopy Laboratory

Our Microscopy Lab offers a broad range of imaging options to faculty and students in the Physiology Department.

The color imaging station offers three different documentation options:

  1. Macro range using a Leica MZ6 Stereo Scope;
  2. Very low power images of full tissue sections on slides with the Nikon Coolscan Slide Scanner; or
  3. Standard bright field micrographs though a Nikon E-400 microscope using a SPOT Insight camera

High-resolution 12-bit monochrome images of phase contrast, dark field, or epi-fluorescent subjects can be acquired at the Nikon E-600 station fitted with a Princeton Instruments MicroMax cooled camera. The E-600 currently supports FITC, DAPI, and Texas Red fluorophores. The monochrome fluorescent images from this camera can be color encoded and overlaid in the available MetaMorph software to produce full color illustrations.

Real-time physiological experiments measuring intracellular ion concentrations can be performed on the Nikon TE-2000U inverted microscope fitted with a Cascade 812B back thinned camera. FURA-2, DAF-2 and DHE/EB based experiments have all been successfully completed on this station.

The Microscopy Core also has access to a Leica SP5 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope with Multi-Photon capability.