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Computer Core

The Computer Core provides computer and application support for the Physiology Department, the Cardiovascular Research Center and the Linda T. and John A. Mellowes Center for Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine, creating an integrated computer environment to support the research and administrative needs of these groups. The Core manages central file servers, email servers, data backup, account security, desktop acquisition and deployment, software acquisition, deployment, and support.

The Core maintains a central work area with 14 workstations, scanners, and high-speed black and color laser printers. Shared resources include 23 Windows and Linux servers providing data storage, analysis, web, security and file and computation services with more than 62 terabytes of online storage available, and several site and departmental software licenses including Microsoft Office, Sigma Stat, NIS Elements, Matlab, MetaMorph, and Adobe Products.

Staff support includes a systems manager, a desktop support specialist and an application programmer. Network wiring and management of the gigabit network infrastructure is coordinated with the MCW-IS department through this Core. Data acquisitions and control applications such as the Chronic Monitoring Facility software are written and supported by the Core staff.

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