Medical School

Academic Affairs Annual Report

2016-2017 Academic Affairs Annual Report



The Medical College of Wisconsin is where a diverse group of thought leaders in science, medicine, education and community engagement work together to build a healthier future. At the core of everything we do is academic medicine, a model – and a way of thinking – that finds scientists, physicians and students working hand-in-hand with community to solve the toughest challenges in health and society at large. Every study, every case and every patient we see brings new learning, progress and innovative to build on and pass along to the next generation – creating a continuous cycle of life-changing knowledge.

In 2016-2017, our education offerings continued to expand and thrive. These growth initiatives in each of our schools – medical school, graduate school and pharmacy school – have helped us to provide streamlined and efficient experiences and services to MCW students.

This report highlights the growth, learning, student experiences and outcomes over the past year that contributed to MCW preparing the physicians, scientists, pharmacists and health professionals of tomorrow.



MCW is where a collaborative group of thought leaders work together to prepare the next generation of physicians, pharmacists, scientists and healthcare professionals to make a difference. Together, we transform students with dreams of a better future into capable health professionals with the skills and talent to improve our state and community. This year’s annual report showcases new ideas and models that contribute to educating and training tomorrow’s practitioners and researchers. I invite you to explore what MCW is doing today to enhance the way our students grow and learn.

William Hueston, MD 
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and
Associate Provost of Education