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It’s a lifelong journey of learning and DISCOVERY.

New MCWfusion Curriculum to Launch July 2023

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) continues to embrace an innovative approach to academic medicine, wherein all MCW medical school students acquire the necessary skills to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of patient care and medical discovery. To that end, MCW is pleased to announce that in July 2023, we will launch a new MCWfusion™ Curriculum, which will provide medical students with a phased approach to ensure a comprehensive medical education.
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MCW’s Discovery curriculum is a dynamic model that features multifaceted learning modalities – including classroom experiences led by nationally-recognized faculty, clinical experiences guided by expert mentors, peer-based small group interactions and opportunities for individualized career pursuits.

Our Discovery curriculum provides students with the drive, methods, collaborative spirit and long-term commitment needed for future success as physicians. Additionally, the curriculum propels students towards clinical excellence in the short term and engenders lifelong learning. The course of study reflects the collaborative and enthusiastic development effort of basic scientists, clinicians, students and staff members to create an innovative curriculum that is geared toward producing exceptional and compassionate physicians prepared to practice medicine in the 21st century. Truly, the Discovery curriculum encourages students to think and act like physicians from “day one.”

School of Medicine Curriculum Team


Marty Muntz, MD, FACP

Associate Dean, Curriculum, School of Medicine; Professor of Medicine, General Internal Medicine and the Kern Institute; Vice-Chair for Faculty Development, Department of Medicine


Lisa Ann Cirillo, PhD

Associate Professor; Assistant Dean for Basic Science Curriculum

(414) 955-4694


Bipin Thapa, MD, MS, FACP

Assistant Dean for Clinical Curriculum, School of Medicine; Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine; Faculty at the Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical Education


Heather Aschoff

Education Program Coordinator III, CPD Lead Course Coordinator


Barb Beiswenger

Senior Administrative Assistant


Lindsey Bowman

Senior Administrative Assistant, Curriculum and Evaluation Committee (CEC) support


Dan DeCleene

Curriculum Technology Specialist

(920) 403-4505


Nadine Desmarais

Education Program Coordinator II, Scholarly Pathways


Meaghan Hayes, MEd

Program Manager, Scholarly Activities


Beth Kauppila

Education Program Coordinator II, M2 Foundational Science Courses


Sarah Leineweber

Program Manager I, MCWfusion Threads Integration


Dana Sibilski

Education Program Coordinator II, Early Clinical Courses


Rachel Sommer

Education Program Coordinator III, Early Clinical Courses; Lead Coordinator


Sarah Van Lone

Program Manager II, Curriculum; MCWfusion Co-Project Manager


Kaicey von Stockhausen

Program Manager I, MCWfusion Learning Communities


Devika Werth

Education Program Coordinator III, M2 Foundational Science Courses; Lead Coordinator

Propose a New Course or Pathway

Steps for a new course/pathway proposal

Steps for a new course/pathway proposal

  • Full course/pathway proposal is due to the CEC Chair (guidelines below)
  • Deadline to submit proposals to the CEC is October 1, 2022. 
  • All course/pathway proposals must be approved by the CEC no later than January 1, 2023 in order to be considered for the following academic year.
  • Proposals are welcome for the following courses:
    • M1- M2 
      • Academic Enrichment Elective
    • M3 
      • M3 4-week elective
      • M3 2-week elective
    • M4 
      • M4 elective (all electives are 4 weeks)
      • Core and Non-Core Acting Internships (all AIs are hospital-based)
      • Required Ambulatory Course (required of all students; from any department)
Checklist for submitting

Checklist for submitting

Please direct any questions about the Curriculum Innovation Project to