Changes Due to OnCore System Updates

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  Protocols > PC Console > New Protocol: New Fields for Precision Trial and Precision Trial Classification

On the New Protocol page, when Precision Trial is set to YES, the Precision Trial Classification pull-down is available with the following trial types:

  • Basket
    For trials that allow the study of multiple molecular subpopulations of different tumor or histologic types, all within one study. These trials can include highly rare cancers that would be difficult to study in randomized controlled trials, and they might include multiple treatments by which subjects are matched, based on gene expression.
  • Umbrella
    For trials using a design that focuses on a single tumor type or histology. It involves a group of two or more enrichment designs, or sub-studies, that are connected through a central infrastructure that oversees screening and identification of patients.
  • Target
    For trials designed to evaluate treatments targeted at one or two molecular populations in single or multiple disease type.
  • Other Adaptive Trials
    For other studies believed to be precision medicine trials based on non-traditional study design not identified above, limited inclusion criteria, and emphasis on patient-centric treatment.
  Protocols > PC Console > Task Lists

New capability to navigate directly to a Task List from PC Console without first having to select the protocol, or use the Task Widgets on the Home Screen.

  PC Console > Select Protocol

Added capability to search for protocol using the NCT Number, for example: NCT####### or just the number #######.

  Protocols > Protocol Search

Expanded available Accrual search fields.

  Reports > Research Resonance

Newly available reports to run data reflected in Nimblify's Research Resonance Network (RRN) - a tool that displays OnCore metrics and compares results to other Research Centers. For information on RRN access, contact