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OnCore is MCW's enterprise software for lifecycle management of clinical trials from inception to completion.


OnCore for clinical trials management

The Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office manages all cancer related trials for which use of OnCore is mandatory.

The MCW CTSI Clinical Trials Office manages all non-cancer trials for which use of OnCore is optional.

Departments looking to implement OnCore should request a consultation with the MCW CTSI Clinical Trials Office.

The following studies are NOT submitted through OnCore:

  • Studies that do not require patient consent, such as medical chart reviews and retrospective studies
  • Registries
  • Multiples of the same protocol in order to differentiate treatment/study phase
  • Banking protocols (without specific approval)
  • Educational/Outreach activities
  • Emergency or Expanded access protocols (without specific approval)
  • In vitro studies that utilize non-identifying human tissues