eBridge Training

Research Systems Training offers interactive 1-on-1 training sessions for the MCW eBridge Research Management Application. These one hour sessions are offered free of charge to New MCW Employees and Research Personnel. 


  • eBridge Introduction and Navigation Overview for Research Personnel (1 hour)

  • eBridge Animal Use Module for Research Personnel (1 hour)

  • eBridge Human Module for Research Personnel (1 hour)

  • eBridge Safety Module for Research Personnel (1 hour)

  • eBridge Funding Module for Research Personnel (1 hour)

  • eBridge Modular Budgets (Coming Soon)

  • eBridge R & R Budgets (Coming Soon)

  • eBridge IACUC Member Training (2 hours) 

  • eBridge IRB Committee Member Training* (2 hours) 

  • eBridge IBC Member Training* (2 hours) 

  • eBridge (FCOI-R) Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Training 

To get started, just complete the registration form below and look for additional instructions in your inbox.


If you would like a quick overview or a pre-training warmup, please see the 2018 Basic Navigation Course 

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