Medical College of Wisconsin Neuroanesthesia Fellowship

The Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin is a one-year program for trainees who have completed a three-year anesthesia residency training in an accredited program in the U.S.


The clinical base of the fellowship is Froedtert Hospital, which provides a good clinical experience in intracranial surgery (>300 non trauma craniotomies - approximately 60 intracranial vascular surgery/year and 80 trauma craniotomies/year) and spine (>500 cases/ year). Froedtert Hospital is the regional trauma center for the state, with a dedicated 12-bed neurointensive care unit. The program also includes neuroanesthesia experience at Children's Wisconsin, which houses the regional pediatric trauma center and a center for photodynamic therapy.

Flexible rotations are offered in neurophysiologic monitoring, neurointensive care, and neuroradiology. The fellowship is tailored to suit the needs of the fellow.


The research base of the fellowship will be at the laboratory facilities of the Medical College of Wisconsin. Our anesthesiology department ranks in the top five nationally in NIH funded research, and is the recipient of an NIH funded research training program. Other sources of support include American Heart National, National Science Foundation and VA Merit Review, as well as pharmaceutical and industrial research support. Interests of the faculty include both basic science and clinical research projects. Areas available for basic science research are widely diverse, and include but are not limited to funded brain slice and microcirculation research techniques such as laser Doppler flowmetry, intravital microscopy, and functional MRI.

Fellows are expected to participate in a research project during their training, and will function as instructors, as well as participate in teaching within the Department of Anesthesiology.

  • Duration of fellowship training: 1-2 years
  • Number of faculty in Neuroanesthesia: 9
  • Number of faculty in Critical Care: 4
  • Maximum number of fellows per year: 1


Please provide the following completed documentation to Education Program Coordinator Sarah Pritchard (spritchard@mcw.edu):

  1. MCWAH GME Application Form (PDF)
  2. Neuroanesthesia Fellowship Application
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Personal Statement
  5. Three current reference letters, including one from residency Program Director
  6. Current Medical License
  7. USMLE – all three steps
  8. Copy of Anesthesia Degree (if applicable)
  9. Copy of Medical School Diploma
  10. Documentation supporting citizenship status (if applicable)
  11. Copy of In-Training Examination scores
  12. Copy of official ACGME case log while in residency including: minimum report; the activity report; the resident experience report


Contact Us

For more information about the neuroanesthesia fellowship, please get in touch.

Suneeta Gollapudy

Program Director

Sarah Pritchard

Education Program Coordinator

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Neuroanesthesia Fellowship
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