General Internal Medicine

GIM Fellowship Programs

Primary care research

Academic Fellowship in Primary Care Research

The mission of the Academic Fellowship is to prepare future leaders in Primary Care for rewarding and productive academic careers, with a vision to improve access to high quality primary health care, reduce health disparities and improve health of our citizens and communities.

Our 2-3 year, full-time fellowship prepares residency trained primary care physicians and social scientists from complementary health-related fields for rewarding careers in academic medicine, with a focus on primary care and community based research. We integrate the three pillars of academic success: Research, Education and Leadership; and blend them with necessary career management skills and on-going clinical experience, in a resource-rich and supportive environment.

This program is a multidisciplinary effort by internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics.


Women's health

Advanced Fellowship in Women's Health

The mission of the Advanced Women’s Health Fellowship is to train physicians and associated health professionals to advance clinical care, teaching, scholarship, and system improvements related to the advancement of healthcare for women.

Our 2-year full-time fellowship prepares residency-trained physicians and PhD graduates in allied health care fields for academic careers. Physicians may be graduates of internal medicine, family medicine, gynecology, urology, and psychiatry residencies. PhDs may have degrees in psychology, nursing, or other healthcare fields. We allow learners to develop their own plan with emphasis in training in research, education, quality, and/or clinical skills and program development.


Academic Fellowship in Hospital Medicine

Our goal is to recruit and train motivated individuals interested in becoming leaders in academic hospital medicine. Fellows trained through our fellowship program will be effective teachers at the bedside and in small and large group settings. Our graduates will be trained in the principles and practice of quality and process improvement methodologies. Based upon their preference, fellows will have the opportunity to receive structured training in a variety of areas such as clinical and translational research, medical education research and curriculum development. The program can be individualized to fit the needs of the learner.