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Biosafety Module: Frequently Asked Questions

The Biosafety Module is a central work space for applications reviewed by the Institutional Biosafety Committee. 

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Biosafety Workflow Graphics

Workflow Graphics displays high-level visualizations of your progress towards approval or activation.


Creating an IBC Application, Amendment, or Renewal

To create a new IBC Application, Amendment or Renewal IBC Application follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Navigate and log on to eBridge.
  2. To create a New IBC Application:
    1. On the left, under Create, select “New IBC Application”.
    2. Proceed to Step 5.
  3. To create an Amendment to an IBC Application:
    1. Select the approved IBC Application for which you would like to create an amendment.
    2. In the IBC application workspace, on the left select “New IBC Amendment”.
    3. Proceed to Step 5.
  4. To create a Renewal IBC Application:
    1. Go to the approved IBC Application for which you would like to create a renewal.
    2. In the IBC Application workspace, on the left select “New IBC Renewal”.
    3. Proceed to Step 5.
  5. Navigate through each SmartForm page using the Continue button.
    1. After entering information and answering the questions, click the “Save” button located on the top.
    2. Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) require a response.
    3. Answering “Yes” or “No” to questions may cause the related sub-questions to disappear.
    4. Click “Add” or “Update” to enter and update information displayed in a table.
  6. Use the Help Text provided in the form of “i” at the end of each question.
  7. From the Navigation Panel of your SmartForm, select “Validate” before submission to check for any required questions that were left blank.
  8. Select “Go to Workspace” from the Final Check & Submission Instructions page to return to the IBC Workspace. This will not submit the IBC Application for review.
  9. On the left, under Activities, select “Submit Application” to send the IBC Application to the IBC to begin the review process.

To return to an IBC Application that is still in PreSubmission after having logged off:

  1. Navigate and log on to eBridge.
  2. Select the IBC Application you wish to continue editing.
  3. In the IBC Application Workspace, on the left select “Edit IBC Application”.


How to add or remove study personnel from an IBC application

Personnel who have edit access to an IBC Application can add or remove personnel from an approved application at any time. To add or remove personnel, the Principal Investigator or study staff member who has edit access should log on to the parent IBC application and execute the activity entitled “Update Approved Application”. Once this activity is executed, a pop-up window will appear that allows for the addition or removal of personnel.


Please note that personnel that are being added to an IBC Application must have all training in place prior to being added to the application or the request will be denied.

Using Compare (View Differences)

Compare provides users with views of the IBC SmartForm that quickly identify any changes that were made within the application. 

  1. Navigate to the IBC SmartForm 
  2. In the upper left corner in the Navigation Panel, select “Compare”.
  3. Select the version you want to compare to the most current changes.
    • The version selected will be compared to the most recently edited version of the application.
    • In most cases the Approved IBC Application should be compared to the Current Version.
  4. Select Sections with a pencil icon to navigate to different sections of the SmartForm. 
  5. Use the color coding and strikethrough features to identify the modifications.
    • Text in green = added text
    • Text in red = original text
    • Text with strikethrough = deleted text
  6. To exit Compare Mode, select the Menu (Hamburger) button in the Nav Panel.