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Getting Started: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions for users just getting started with eBridge.

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How to register for an eBridge Account

MCW employees may register for an eBridge account at any time. Following the submission of a new registration it may take up to one business day to process. Once your account is setup you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to log in.

  1. Go to eBridge
  2. In the upper right area of the screen is a link labeled "Registration"
  3. Click on that link and complete the registration form
  4. Make sure to include all the requested information
  5. When you are done with the form, click on "Register" in the lower right area of the screen
  6. The eBridge Help Desk will notify you when your account is active
How do I change or reset my password?
  1. Your password is your MCW Network Password.
  2. MCW-IS now has a Password Reset tool. You must be currently logged in to the MCW network to enroll with MCW-IS to activate this tool.
  3. If you have not enrolled with MCW-IS, to reset your password now, call MCW-IS Help Desk (414) 955-4357.
  4. Note that this is the same phone number as the MCW Information Services (IS) Help Desk.

Self Service Password Reset

Adding a new role to your account

Want to add a role to your account?

There are many roles in eBridge, two of the most commonly requested are Study Staff, to gain access to an IRB Protocol or an IACUC AUA, and Proposal Team, to gain access to the Grants and Contracts Funding Proposal Module.

If you need one of these roles added to your account, please complete a Help Desk Service Request Form and submit to the eBridge Help Desk and they will assist you. If you need a role such as Budget Specialist, your Department Administrator can request this on your behalf by using the Update Department Approver Roles Form that is posted on the eBridge Support website.

Please do not use the Registration Form for role addition/change requests. The Registration Form is only for those who do not have an account. Ask the Help Desk if you are unsure about your eBridge account and they will let you know its status.

If you do not have an eBridge account, and do need to complete the Registration Form, make sure to put a check mark next to those areas of eBridge you will be accessing.

  • Animal Submissions
  • Funding Proposals
  • Human Subject Projects
  • IBC Applications
Display problems and how to clear the cache

Sometimes when a webpage is opened, the screen doesn't display the content as expected or as stated in the instructions. Before placing a call to the help desk, try refreshing and clearing your cache.

Refresh your browser
Open Browser, then press the F5 key ( For Firefox Command + R ) 

Clearing the Cache
Open Browser, then use the following keyboard shortcut: Control+Shift+Delete  (On Mac  Cmd +Shift+Delete ) 


Explanation of the activity.

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or any other Internet browser, it is important to clean up its page viewing 'temporary Internet files' on a regular basis. Your Internet browser saves and stores information each time you visit a web page. Usually you want this information stored because it speeds up your browsing when you return to a site.

How can I search for information in eBridge?

If you are trying to find information in eBridge and don’t know the exact name of the project, sponsor, etc., you can use the ‘%’ as a wildcard.  This can be used to search for projects, individual’s names, sponsors, and subcontractors.

For example:

  • Enter FP%34% to get a list of all FP’s with ‘34’ in the ID
  • Enter %Wisconsin% to get a list of all Sponsors, with Wisconsin in the name


How to Add a Principal Investigator to a SmartForm
How to Register for an eBridge Account

MCW employees may register for an eBridge account at any time. Following the submission of a new registration it may take up to one business day to process. Once your account is setup you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to log in.

  1. Go to eBridge

  2. In the upper right area of the screen is a link labeled "Registration"

  3. Click on that link and complete the registration form

  4. Make sure to include all the requested information

  5. When you are done with the form, click on "Register" in the lower right area of the screen

  6. The eBridge Help Desk will notify you when your account is active

How to Upload a Document in eBridge
  1. Click the "Add" Button
  2. Locate the file on your system.
  3. Click “OK” to upload. 

Note: To update an existing document that was previously uploaded, use the "Upload Revision" Button.

Watch Tutorial

Logging in to eBridge

Main Audience: Principal Investigator & Study Staff


The eBridge system is connected to the MCW secure network.

  1. Open an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer 10/11, Chrome, or Firefox. For assistance with your password when logging in to eBridge, please contact the eBridge Help Desk.
  2. In the URL address bar, type OR, Go to InfoScope and select the eBridge link from InfoScope.
  3. If you are already logged into the MCW secure network, you will automatically be logged into eBridge when you select the Login button, and you will be taken to your Dashboard.
  4. If you are not logged into the MCW secure network, such as working from home, or from a travel location, you will be required to authenticate - supplying your MCW
  5. User ID and Password. Additionally, you may be required to add the MCWCorp domain name as seen below:
    • Username: mcwcorp\username (Note: You will need to enter mcwcorp\ in front of your username. Make sure the slash is a backslash).
    • Password: Your MCW network password
    • Example: mcwcorp\jdoe
  6. If you have any problems logging into the eBridge system, please contact the eBridge Help Desk.

* Quick Tip: The User ID field is not case sensitive. However, the password field is case sensitive. The username of mcwcorp\jdoe will work just as well as MCWcorp\JDoe.

Notify PI to Submit Activity

Notify PI to Submit is an activity button available to Study Team members with edit access. The activity does the following:

  • Sends an email to the PI (copies the person completing the activity) that the application (PRO,AME, CPR, RE, AUA, AA, 3-Year de novo, AR) is ready for the PI to complete the PI Submit activity. The email has a direct link to the submission plus any comments entered from the person completing the activity.
  • Runs the Deferred Validations that check for errors - the same as found by using the Hide/Show Errors display in the SmartForm.
  • Selectable at all times during Pre Submission. Note: email won't be sent until submission is error free, and then can be re-sent as often as needed.
Prevent eBridge Email from Landing in Your Junk Mail

Follow these instructions to automatically capture all your eBridge emails, as well as any others, in a unique Outlook folder, thus preventing important notifications from going to Junk Mail. Outlook, as well as MCW IS, apply filters to emails they deem as junk, and this can inadvertently affect legitimate emails.

  1. Create a new folder in Outlook by right clicking the mouse on the Inbox.

  2. Name it eBridge Notifications, or anything you want.

  3. Open an email from Help-eBridge, and from the message's toolbar, open the Rules icon.

  4. Select Create Rule from this drop down menu.

  5. In the Create Rule pop-up, select the checkbox for From, and/or select the checkbox Subject contains and use the word eBridge. You can use one or more criteria for filtering the emails. Be careful, if you add multiple criteria, the emails will only filter if ALL of them are met.

  6. Select the checkbox for Move the item to folder, and go to Select Folder to find the one you created in Steps 1 and 2.
    1. NOTE: In the past ALL eBridge notifications came from the eBridge email alias. Animal Submissions training expiration notifications will begin coming from, and Safety training expiration notifications will come from You may need to set up a separate rule for each of these if this training pertains to your work.
  7. Select OK.

  8. In the Success pop-up, select the checkbox for Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder. This will take all previous eBridge emails that were in your general Inbox and move them to the new folder. Do not check this if you don't want to perform this part of the activity.
  9. Select OK.

Using eBridge When Traveling

eBridge members who travel away from the MCW network and still want to be able to use eBridge have occasional connection difficulties. There are a variety of reasons for this. Please consider these recommendations prior to traveling to ensure your equipment and the destination Internet availability will work effectively.

  • What computer will you be using? Yours, the College's or maybe equipment supplied at your destination?
    • If the computer is yours or the College's, we suggest a trial run. Go offsite prior to leaving and try accessing eBridge and email. You can solve most remote access problems this way. Try going to a McDonalds or Starbucks to ensure your computer works in multiple locations.
    • If you are successful in your trial run and you do have problems at your destination, this narrows the possible complications.
  • What type of connection will you have at your destination?
    • If you have trouble at your destination with a laptop with which you have successfully done a trial run, try visiting a coffee shop or McDonalds that has free Internet. This will help you to know if your difficulties are with the firewall or some other restriction at your destination.
  • If you are unsure of your laptop's default email access, use Outlook Web access. Using the Web client of OWA ensures you have Internet access. It also ensures that any email messages that you click Send from your laptop mail tool are really sent on the Internet and not just put in a hold file until sometime in the future when your access is secure. This is especially important if you are sending email to ask for Help Desk assistance.
  • If you determine that the difficulties are not your computer, talk to someone at your destination about what you might need to do in order to access a secure website.
  • We recommend you travel with a laptop that you have previously used successfully to connect and work in eBridge. Note: eBridge is not fully compatible with the Blackberry Web browser. For best results use a PC or a MAC – check out eBridge Home Page for browser/system requirements..

If you do have difficulties, contact the eBridge Help Desk and make sure to give us as much detail as possible about what equipment you are using and what type of connection is available. We will do everything we can to help you.

Who Receives eBridge Notification Emails?

Finding the List of Recipients in an eBridge Notification Email: 

When you receive an email notification in eBridge, how do you know who else received that notification? There is an easy way to find the list of those who receive a copy of an email notification that you receive. Follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Workspace of the AUA/PRO/FP for which you have received an email notification. Please note that the example below is from an AUA (Animal Use Application), but this feature applies to all eBridge modules.
  2. Select the History Tab in the lower, center area of the page. Note that there are two examples highlighted. These reflect a sample of activities that generate email notifications. Depending upon what activity generated your email, you will search for that activity in the History Log.
  3. After selecting the activity within the History Log, a new screen appears with another set of tabs.
  4. Select the Notifications Tab.
  5. The information in the Notifications Tab includes the Job Name, Subject, and Recipients.