Minimally Invasive/Bariatric Surgery Fellowship

The Medical College of Wisconsin MIS/Bariatric surgery fellowship has evolved substantially since its inception more than 10 years ago. Our division has grown in recent years, and the variety and volume of cases and experiences available to our fellow has expanded as well. The MIS fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin is appointed as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Surgery. The fellow works closely with all 6 surgeons in the Division of General Surgery, the GERD and Gastrointestinal Surgery Program, and the Bariatric Surgery program.

Our surgeons perform a wide variety of complex and routine cases. These include minimally invasive foregut procedures (fundoplication, reoperative antireflux surgery, paraesophageal hernia repair, Heller myotomy, and robotic surgery), laparoscopic bariatric surgery (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, and revisions), and hernia repair (abdominal wall reconstruction, laparoscopic abdominal and inguinal hernia repair). Opportunities also exist for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. In 2011, our fellow scrubbed on:

  • >150 bariatric procedures
  • >75 foregut procedures (lap, robotic, and open Nissen, paraesophageal hernia, Heller myotomy, etc.)
  • >50 hernia repairs (lap inguinal and incisional, complex abdominal wall reconstruction procedures)

As a part of the Medical College of Wisconsin, the MIS/Bariatric Fellow will be a part of all that a teaching hospital has to offer including working with General Surgery Residents who will assist with the care of your patients. You will also have the opportunity to teach and guide medical students through their rotation.

Research and Education

The MIS fellow will be engaged in clinical research. It is our goal for the fellow to travel and present his/her research at one or more national meeting(s). The Division of General Surgery Research Program is structured to facilitate the research initiatives of the division and provides support to the fellow. There is no General Surgery or Trauma call required. The fellow does back up the residents for our minimally invasive service patients.

Our Faculty

Dr. Matthew Goldblatt

Dr. Matthew Goldblatt

Dr. Matthew Goldblatt completed his Minimally Invasive Fellowship at the Ohio State University in 2005. He specializes in hernia repair, including complex abdominal wall reconstruction. In addition, he sees patients for benign foregut diseases and bariatric surgery. He is the Director of the Condon Hernia Institute and the Residency Program Director. He is involved in clinical hernia outcomes research.
Dr. Jon Gould

Dr. Jon Gould

Dr. Jon Gould, the Chief of General Surgery, completed his Minimally Invasive Fellowship at Ohio State in 2002. He is the Associate Fellowship Program Director. His clinical practice is focused on complex minimally invasive foregut surgery, bariatric surgery, robotic surgery, and hernia repair. His research focus is on surgical skills assessment and training, clinical outcomes in foregut surgery, and device development/new surgical technology.
Dr. Rana Higgins

Dr. Rana Higgins

Dr. Rana Higgins completed her Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery Fellowship at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2016. She specializes in minimally invasive foregut, bariatric, hernia, and general surgery, including both laparoscopic and robotic approaches. Her research focus includes surgical education and outcomes research in minimally invasive general surgery.
Dr. Andrew Kastenmeier

Dr. Andrew Kastenmeier

Dr. Andrew Kastenmeier, the Fellowship Program Director, completed his Minimally Invasive Fellowship at Legacy in Portland, OR in 2011. He specializes in minimally invasive foregut surgery, hernia surgery, advanced therapeutic endoscopy, and general surgery. His research focus includes the development of advanced therapeutic endoscopic procedures/devices and clinical outcomes in foregut surgery.
Dr. Tammy Kindel

Dr. Tammy Kindel

Dr. Tammy Kindel completed her Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2015. She specializes in bariatric surgery for both adolescents and adults as well as general surgery. Dr. Kindel is a physician-scientist with a translational science laboratory focusing on the mechanisms for weight loss after bariatric surgery.
Dr. Kate Lak

Dr. Kate Lak

Dr. Kate Lak completed her Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery Fellowship at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2017. She specializes in minimally invasive foregut, hernia and general surgery in addition to bariatric surgery as part of the Comprehensive Weight Loss Center. She sees patients both at Froedtert Hospital and Drexel Town Square Health Center. Her research interests include clinical outcomes research in benign foregut, hernia and bariatrics.


Current Fellow

Wen Hui Tan, MD

Past Fellows

Shanley Deal, MD

Maria Linnaus, MD

Semeret Munie, MD

Cynthia Weber, MD

Kathleen Lak (Simon), MD

Rana Higgins, MD

Harish Nirujogi, MD

Hassanain Jassim, MD

Maurice-Pierre Page', MD

Hiram Gonzalez, MD

Kristin Noonan, MD

Sachin Kukreja, MD

Hsin-Yi Chang, MD

Shannon Graewin, MD

Peter Nuttleman, MD

Contact Information

Andrew Kastenmeier, MD
Andrew Kastenmeier, MD
Program Director
Jon Gould, MD
Jon Gould, MD
Associate Director
Keri Blaszczynski
Program Coordinator
(414) 955-1769
(414) 955-0085 (fax)
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