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The eBridge Help Desk provides support for the electronic submission and tracking system. Prior to contacting the eBridge Help Desk, either by phone or email, please have available all information relevant to your issue, including protocol/AUA/funding proposal/IBC numbers. In this way the Help Desk may assist you efficiently and correctly. Please note: new registrations may take up to 24 hours for an account to be created. 

Please refer to Help Desk Tips (right) for more information regarding your first contact with the Help Desk.


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Please complete the form below regarding your eBridge issue and then click the submit button at the bottom of the form.

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Help Desk Tips

To better serve you and to expedite the request process, please have available the following information prior to contacting the Help Desk. You will receive a response to your initial inquiry within four hours (during standard business hours).

SmartForm ID: What is the ID Number?

  • Human Projects ID (PRO, AME, CPR, RE)
  • Animal Submissions ID (AUA, AA, AR)
  • Funding Proposal ID (FP, BU)
  • IBC Applications ID (IBCYear#)

Location: Where are you in eBridge?

  • Activity
  • Workspace
  • SmartForm
  • Section/Page Number

Problem/Guidance: What were you doing or trying to do?

  • Description of issue
  • What you were doing when the issue occurred
  • Screen shot of error message, if applicable

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