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eBridge 1-on-1 training sessions currently available

  • (A)  2018 eBridge Intro and Navigation Overview for Research Personnel (1 hour)
  • (B)  2018 eBridge Animal Use Module for Research Personnel (1 hour)
  • (C)  2018 eBridge Human Module for Research Personnel (1 hour)
  • (D)  2018 eBridge Safety Module for Research Personnel (1 hour)
  • (E)  2018 eBridge Funding Module Research Personnel (1 hour)
  • (F)  eBridge Modular Budgets (Coming Soon)
  • (G) eBridge R & R Budgets (Coming Soon)
  • (H) eBridge IACUC Member Training (2 hours) *
  • (I)  eBridge IRB Member Training* (2 hours) *
  • (H) eBridge IBC Member Training* (2 hours) *

*Prior Authorization may be required.

Please note: Depending on needs, it may be necessary to schedule multiple one-hour  sessions.

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Intro / Funding Proposals (grants)

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