Crash Lab at ZVAMC

Facilities at Zablocki VA Medical Center Labs

The Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center Laboratories house a wide range of facilities focused on supporting research in the areas of neuroscience and the biomechanics of injury. Each facility has multiple faculty, staff and students specializing in Neuroscience and Biomechanics disciplines.

Biomechanics Facilities

Biomechanics facilities support investigations into preclinical traumatic brain injury and biomechanics of trauma and spine.

Vehicle Crash Lab

Vehicle Crashworthiness Facility

With a 150-meter-long track and below-ground observation pit, the Vehicle Crashworthiness Facility maintains the ability to conduct full-scale vehicle crash tests.

Acceleration Servo Sled Image

Acceleration ServoSled Facility

The Acceleration ServoSled Facility performs crash simulations to the occupant compartment of transport vehicles, including individual and generic automobile crash pulses, airplane crash pulses, and under-vehicle blast pulse accelerations.

Pendulum and Drop Tower Lab Image

Drop Tower & Pendulum Facilities

Drop Tower & Pendulum Facilities house three drop towers and multiple pendulums for use in under-vehicle blast acceleration and helmet impact testing.

Electrohydraulic Piston and Blast Test Lab Image

Electrohydraulic Piston & Blast Test Facilities

The Electrohydraulic Piston & Blast Test Facilities includes a suite of material test machines (pistons), pure-moment spine testing apparatus, and blast tube for in-vivo rodent testing. 

computational-modeling-image card

Computational Modeling Facilities

Maintained by MCW’s Computational Modeling Group, the Computational Modeling Facilities support faculty and staff in conducting computational solid modeling using finite element modeling techniques.

Neuroscience Facilities

Neuroscience facilities support investigations into spinal cord injury and central nervous system disorders.

rodent-behavioral-lab-image card

Rodent Behavioral Testing Facilities

The Rodent Behavioral Testing Facilities are uniquely equipped to support research in rodent spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.

small animal preocedures zvamc labs-image card

Small Animal Procedures Facilities

The Zablocki VA Medical Center Laboratories support ongoing research in spinal cord injury and central nervous system function and dysfunction.

molecular biology facility zvamc lab-image card

Molecular Biology Facilities

The Molecular Biology Facilities allow for the delineation of the basic mechanism of action and biological processes involved in spinal card injury. 

histology and microscopy facility zvamc labs-image card

Histology & Microscopy Facilities

Histology and Microscopy Facilities are capable of all perfusion, histological preparation, and imaging techniques. 

Optogenetics Equipment

Electrophysiology & Optogenetics Facilities

The Electrophysiology & Optogenetics Facilities house a variety of neurophysiology, muscle physiology, optical and electrical stimulation and microinjection equipment to support the neural prosthetic and viral gene therapy research endeavors of investigators at the ZVAMC Labs.