Crash Lab at ZVAMC

Electrohydraulic Piston and Blast Test Facility at the Zablocki VA Medical Center

The Electrohydraulic Piston and Blast Test facility includes a suite of material test machines (pistons), pure-moment spine testing apparatus, and blast tube for in vivo rodent testing. The facility includes several high-speed imaging video cameras, a 3D kinematic motion-capture system, and digital data acquisition systems capable of high-throughput data capture. One electrohydraulic piston is built for high-rate materials testing (up to 10 m/s), and the other is a bi-axial (linear and rotational) machine for smaller-sized samples and for cyclic load applications. Pure-moment spine testing includes a custom platform with built-in six-axis load cell monitoring during 3D kinematic data capture. Learn More
Electrohydraulic Piston and Blast Test Lab Image

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