Crash Lab at ZVAMC

Histology and Microscopy Facilities at the Zablocki VA Medical Center

Histology and Microscopy Facilities at the ZVAMC Laboratories are capable of all perfusion, histological preparation, and imaging techniques. Tissue processing capabilities include automated paraffin embedding or cryoembedding in liquid nitrogen. Tissue sectioning includes microtome or cryostat frozen sections. Staining procedures include routine histology using silver stains, Trichrome stains, toluidine blue, and H&E, among others. Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence capabilities include ~50 primary antibodies for neuroscience applications, along with DAB or fluorescence secondary detection kits. Image capture systems include a Leica SP8 confocal laser scanning microscope with full spectroscopic detection, a Nikon TE2000 inverted microscope with epi- and fluorescent illumination, a Nikon E600 upright microscope with epi- and fluorescent illumination attached to a Dell Precision Workstation, Roper digital B&W camera, Nikon DS-Fi1 color camera, imaging monitor, and Nikon NIS-Elements image analysis software suite. The microscopy system includes three fluorescent filter sets and is capable of automated montaging and stitching of large tissue sections.
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