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The Annual Spring Festival of Cultures

The Spring Festival of Cultures encourages an increased awareness and celebration of the visible and non-visible identities among our MCW community. This three day event is an opportunity to promote the fostering of diversity, inclusion and unity at MCW. Faculty, staff, trainees and community members are welcome to participate and attend the festival.

Thank you for joining us for the celebration and educational experience of the visible and non-visible identities among our MCW community!

President’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards and Cultural Connections
Celebrated the richness of Milwaukee art by local photographers and congratulated the President’s Diversity and Inclusion Award recipients. Local talent brought an authentic and entertaining experience during Cultural Connections visual art display and spoken word performance.

Cultural Trivia
Teams competed in an intense but friendly battle in our cultural trivia game, testing their global knowledge in food, sports, geography, and more!

Cultural Marketplace
We took a trip around the world without the hassle of packing! The sights, sounds, and smells of various booths displayed an array of cultures from around the globe.

Sponsored by: Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Global Health and Office of Student Inclusion and Academic Enrichment.

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