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New eBridge to OnCore Interface

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the release of the new eBridge to OnCore Interface.  In development since late 2018, the eBridge to OnCore Interface is part of larger ongoing efforts for greater research systems integration. This new application program interface (API) is the first build of its kind at MCW and the missing link between eBridge, MCW’s Research Management Application and OnCore, the enterprise software for clinical trials lifecycle management.



  • Faster Entry Time: Designed for enhanced productivity and pulls approved/acknowledged reviews from eBridge and pushes that data into OnCore. Review Data is updated every 5 minutes.

  • Greater Uniformity: Greater consistency in data points between systems.

  • Better Tracking & Reporting: Provides uniform tracking of protocol activation metrics for more accurate reporting, enabling study teams to fulfill sponsor needs and comply with NCI reporting requirements.

  • Less Errors: Automated data pushes will eliminate manual data entry mistakes.


Eliminating the need for manual entry of data, the new API will pull the following information from identified PROs in eBridge and then push into a new OnCore IRB Review: 

  • Submission ID (PRO000xxxxx, AME000xxxxx, CPR000xxxxx, RE0000xxxxx)

  • Committee (IRB Committee 2, 3, 5, etc.)

  • Review Reason (Initial Review, Amendment Review, Continuing Review, Reportable Event)

  • Review Type (FLEX review, Expedited, Full, etc.)

  • Action (Approved or acknowledged reviews only)

  • Review Date (Date of initial review)

  • Submit Date (Received by the IRB office)

  • Expiration Date (where applicable)

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