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Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) at the Medical College of Wisconsin is focused on providing a voice and fostering communication for over 300 graduate students. 

Message from the GSA President

Adaysha PhotoHi Everyone!

Love the curiosity and thanks for checking out the Graduate School Association (GSA) page. Below is a brief introduction on what the GSA is all about!

The GSA is an elected body on campus that focuses on uplifting the student voice while at MCW. In order to make every student’s voice heard, we have representatives (that could be YOU) from every masters and doctoral program that work alongside faculty and staff to make positive social, academic, and financial changes in the school. In addition, this provides students a chance to serve on committees alongside faculty, further extending professional networks that can benefit students after graduation.

All students are welcome to join our monthly meetings – on the first Tuesday of every month. Please reach out to the GSA executive board or your department/program representative to find out more information.

The GSA is looking forward to helping make all students here at MCW feel ‘normal’ again this year

Adaysha Williams

Department of Physiology
GSA President

GSA Information

About the GSA

About the GSA

We symbolize the entire graduate student body through elected representatives from each department and graduate student programs. Our representative committee also includes two faculty advisors, one elected and one assigned, as well as the Director of Enrollment. The main goal of the GSA is to defend the overall interests, needs, and concerns of our graduate students.

The GSA organizes and co-sponsors events that we believe would be a benefit to current graduate students. Our representative council meets monthly to share institutional committee and program updates, plan events, manage its budget that stems from student fees, and to address any emergent issues. Any graduate student at MCW is invited to attend our monthly meetings, as well as get involved with our many committees.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the GSA, please email gsa@mcw.edu.
Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Student Handbook

The GSA Handbook is the GSA's  guide for anything that the GSA entails.

GSA Handbook  (PDF)

If you have any questions, please be sure to contact gradschool@mcw.edu
GSA Symposium

GSA Symposium

GSA_Symposium1Each year in March, the GSA hosts a school-wide research symposium. The goal of this student-led symposium is to foster student communications between all degree programs at MCW. Traditionally, there are 2 poster sessions, over 10 student talks, and an invited keynote speaker.

Registration and abstract submissions are delegated through the GSA email (gsa@mcw.edu). If you have any questions about this year’s symposium, please contact them.
Travel Awards

Travel Awards

Paper of the Season Awards

Paper of the Season Awards

The Graduate School offers a Paper of the Season award. This award is granted to an outstanding original research manuscript. The Awards Committee of the Graduate Studies Council (GSC) reviews all of the applications submitted to determine if all criteria has been met, and then scores and votes on a winning paper. Awards are granted 4 times per year – 1 for every season.

Jonathon Young_Academic Profile

2021 Winter Paper of the Season Award Winner:
Jonathon Young
PhD candidate, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy department

Acacia Dishman

2021 Spring Paper of the Season Award Winner:
Acacia Dishman
PhD candidate, Biochemistry department

Yao Chen

2021 Summer Paper of the Season Award Winner:
Yao Chen
PhD candidate, Microbiology & Immunology department

Melissa Whyte_Academic Profile

2021 Fall Paper of the Season Award Winner:
Melissa Whyte
PhD candidate, Microbiology & Immunology department

Teacher and Mentor of the Year

Teacher and Mentor of the Year

Teacher of the Year is someone who has demonstrated exceptional teaching qualities including great connection with the students and an ability to convey and impart knowledge in a meaningful way. The Mentor of the Year is someone who has provided a learning environment throughout someone’s graduate school career that has driven students to reach their goals in a constructive and supportive way.

To nominate a teacher or mentor, email gsa@mcw.edu. Please be sure to regard the Graduate Student Handbook on the rules for nominations. Nominations are accepted in the spring.

Teacher of the Year 2020-2021:

Caitlin OMeara

Caitlin O'Meara, PhD


Mentor of the Year 2020-2021:


Sid Rao, MD, PhD

GSA Representatives

GSA Representatives

2021-2022 Executive Board:
President: Adaysha Williams
Vice President: Erica Marion
Treasurer: Shana Snarrenberg
Secretary: Briana Meyer
Public Relations: Brooke Greiner

2021-2022 Department Representatives:
Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy: Olivia Arnold
Biophysics: Stephen Mazurchuk
Pharmacology and Toxicology: Bailey Sarka
Physiology: Amanda Marks
Biochemistry: Valeria Robleto
Microbiology & Immunology: Sam DeCero
Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program (IDP): Amber Carleton
Neuroscience PhD Program (NDP): Dianise Rodriguez Garcia
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP): Ashley Brown
Public and Community Health: Jean Bikomeye
Biomedical Engineering: Shima Sadri
Masters of Public Health: Marta McMillion
Masters in Medical Physiology: Antonia Nituleasa
Biostatistics: Peter Zhang

2021-2022 Faculty & Staff Advisors:
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Neil Hogg, PhD
Director of Enrollment and Student Services: Angela Backus
Program Associate: Allison Schneider
Get Involved

Get Involved

Looking to be an elected representative? Elections are held each March and April. Be sure to look out for a student wide email coming from the GSA for information. Check the Graduate Student Handbook for eligibility requirements.

Interested in attending monthly GSA meetings? Everyone is welcome! Meetings are usually the first Tuesday of each month from 12:00-1:00 pm.

Join us for social events! The GSA Social Committee hosts monthly social events for all graduate students. Our social events range from professional sporting events, to casual gatherings. Check with your department representative for any upcoming social events.

For more details on how to get involved, please contact the GSA at gsa@mcw.edu



Want to join a committee? Any student can get involved and serve on most committees, regardless of whether or not they are a GSA representative.


  • Academic Standing & Welfare
  • Assessment Oversight
  • Awards
  • Big Sib / Little Sib
  • Commencement
  • Community Outreach
  • Council for Woman’s Advocacy
  • Course Evaluation
  • Curriculum & Program
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DIAC)
  • Educational IT
  • Facilities
  • Faculty Council
  • Faculty IT
  • Food Service
  • Fundraising
  • Graduate Outreach and Recruiting Program
  • Graduate School Council
  • Library
  • Marquette/MCW Alumni Association
  • Mentorship
  • Office of Educator Development Advisory
  • Pharmacy Student Association rep
  • Program Evaluation
  • Research Affairs
  • Social
  • Spotlight on Science
  • Student Assembly Rep
  • Student Health Insurance
  • GSA Student Symposium
  • Title IX
  • Tonken’s Fitness Center
  • Travel Award Policy
  • Wellness
  • Woman in Science

Contact us at gsa@mcw.edu if you are interested in any of the committees described above.

Contact Us

MCW Graduate School
8701 Watertown Plank Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53226

(414) 955-8218
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