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MCW partners with Milwaukee Academy of Science and High School of Health Sciences to DRIVE interest in health research

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DRIVE is an innovative partnership program that brings together high school students from different backgrounds on the campus of an academic medical center, and engages them in research. DRIVE provides high school students with the opportunity to identify a public health issue in the their communities and conduct scientific research aimed at addressing the issue. Students prepare proposal, conduct research and share their findings in a scientific poster presentation at the end of the school year.

The overall aim of the partnership is to connect high school students with real scientific work and authentic educational experiences that highlight a path to postsecondary education and career training. The DRIVE program also allows students the opportunity to address issues of genuine concern to them by using scientific research and methodology, and empowers them to make a difference in their communities.

Past DRIVE Projects

2017-2018 Projects

The Knowledge of Antibiotics and Superbugs Prevalence in Today's Youth Society | Research Poster (PDF)
Authors: Colin Burg (HS2), Marcus Davison (MAS), Joseph Brown (MAS)
Advisors: Daniel J Fehrenbach, Antony Ibrahim, Michael Guo

From Twinkies to Turnips: Cultivating Wisconsin's Food Deserts | Research Poster (PDF)
Authors: Elizabeth Mantey (HS2), Mekaila Baskerville (MAS)
Advisors: Amy Rymaszewski, Patrick Palines, Omeed Ghassemi

Coping with Mental Health Disorders Through Anonymous Teen Stories on a Smartphone App | Research Poster (PDF)
Authors: Makayla Mustas, Jaelyn Hankins, Kamel Keith
Advisors: Jeylan Zemaj, Mara Bottomley, Samuel Polhemus

Guns and Gun Violence | Research Poster (PDF)
Authors: Meagan R Rain, Tamarra L Pugh-Torres, Janayshia M Ladson-Davis
Advisors: Brian J Hallis, Robert S Diaz, Orlando Deleon

College Readiness: Comparing Urban and Suburban Students | Research Poster (PDF)
Authors: Quinn Boerger, Michala Hodges, Taviana Cowart
Advisors David Lambert, Jacqueline Schaefer

Us Against the Bugs: Strategies for Fighting Antibiotic Resistance | Research Poster (PDF)
Authors: Jadyn Roby, Emma Wawrzyniak, Chaz Smith
Advisors: Kavya Puchhalapalli, Joshua Nord, Thomas Langer

Impact of Music on High School Students' Emotions and Perceptions within Southeastern Wisconsin | Research Poster (PDF)
Authors: Olivia Sibley, Dontavious Garrett, Garvieon Hughlett
Advisors: Megan LaCroix, Nisreen Mobayed, Praful Aggrawal

2016-2017 Projects
Re-Innovating Reproduction Health
Authors: Amy Rymaszewski and Omeed Gassemi
Team: Arianna Arberry (MAS), Corshay Burnell (MAS), Morgan Duke ( HS2)

Pokémon Go and Exercise
Authors: Amber Bakkum and Nisreen Mobayed
Team: Jalen Roby (MAS), Jasen Roby (MAS)

How to Dispose Unused Medications without Harming the Environment
Authors: Linda Olson, Kristen Westdorp and Nikhil Munshi
Team: Caitlin Coghlan (HS2), Tessa Lux (HS2), Jessica Richards ( HS2)

Adderall Abuse in High School Students
Authors: Eric Darrah and Antony Ibrahim
Team: Tatianya Evans (MAS), David Dreist (HS2), Collin Sindic (HS2), Keishaun Taylor (MAS)

Organ Donations
Authors: Megan LaCroix and Tommy Langer
Team: Adam Crouse (HS2), Ben Obenberger (HS2), Nick Zenner (HS2)

Milwaukee Teen Reproductive Health App
Authors: Alicia Ivory and Anna Williams
Team: Kelayah Guyton (MAS), Latondrana Penny (MAS), Martaysha Young (MAS)

Opioid Awareness
Authors: Shankar Iyer and Phil Lange
Team: Domonique Brown (MAS), Treveon Harvey (MAS), Sonya Kummer (HS2), Relontae Taylor (MAS)

Safeguarding Adolescents on Social Media
Authors: Patrick Palines and Shauna Rasmussen
Team: Anashion Butler (MAS), Jenna Hendee (HS2), Dontae Johnson (MAS), Kristy Lloyd (MAS), Anna Rauser (HS2)

Mental Health Resources for High Schoolers in Milwaukee
Authors: Daniel Fehrenbach, Thomas Hirsch and Aditya Karandikar
Team: Aaliyah McAfee (MAS)

Homelessness Awareness Project
Authors: John Henry Dasinger and Samuel Good
Team: Michael Goyco (MAS), Deron Jackson-Pugh (MAS), David Washington (MAS), Josh Washington (MAS)
2015-2016 Projects
Media Influences: How violence, sexuality and media-fed controversies in social media, television, movies and video games affect us and our relationships
Authors: Marc Casati and Alex Dayton
Team: Natalie Hall (MAS), Santana Johnson (MAS), Madison King (HS2), Thyvin Nash (MAS), Darius Ware (MAS), David Washington (MAS), Josh Washington (MAS)
Stereotypes of Adolescent Girls in Gaming (PDF)

Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistance: Preventative measures, improved strategies to treat the sick
Author: Eric Darrah
Team: Nicole Hargraves (MAS), Theresa Kimball (HS2), Virginia Rose McCotry (MAS), Courtney Roofe (HS2)
Fighting the Resistance: Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (PDF) | Darrah Team blog post (PDF)

Crime/Trauma: How undiagnosed mental disorders, traumatic experiences and surroundings impact incarceration rates, the risk of developing PTSD, and becoming a victim of human trafficking, etc.
Author: Eric Exner
Team: Tatianya Evans (MAS), Elsa Kraemer (HS2)
Ego and the Connection with Aggression (PDF)

Resources for single mothers in military careers
Author: Mike Harrison
Team: Corshay Burnell (MAS), Rachel Krenz (HS2), Norbriana Payne (MAS)

Alternative Energy Sources: New sources, increasing use of clean fuels, decreasing pollution, combating global warming, raising awareness
Author: Abigail Hodges
Team: Sayward Gohman-Kramer (HS2), Cora Hougard (HS2), Quintien Tyra (MAS)
Composting: It's Not a Waste (PDF) | Hodges Team blog post (PDF)

Allergies and Intolerances: Decreasing incidence and creating resources for those who suffer from them
Author: Kristen Westdorp
Team: Josh Bush (MAS), Hannah Fenelon (HS2), Jerad Grewe (HS2), Elleri Schaefer (HS2)

Application to encourage teens to spend less time on their phones and more time engaged in their surroundings
Author: Tommy Langer
Team: LaTyra Barnes (MAS), Te’Shondra Rush (MAS), Emily Johnson (HS2), Rachel Spanton (HS2)

Sexual Education: Effects of different educational approaches on teen pregnancy rates, STI rates and sexual orientation/identity
Author: Anna Williams
Team: Breeonna James (MAS), Brianna Robinson (MAS), Melissa Ryan (HS2), Reiauna Taylor (MAS)

Hunger/Poverty/Homelessness: Effects of food deserts, trauma, mental illness, etc. on a community
Author: Mark Paterson
Team: Riley Burg (HS2), Ayla Gagne (HS2), Zoe Hall (MAS), Deron Jackson-Pugh (MAS)

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