Cardiovascular Center Board

The Cardiovascular Center Board is composed of leading business, professional and civic leaders in Wisconsin who are committed to advancing cardiovascular research at MCW. Board members play a critical role in increasing community awareness about MCW’s cardiovascular programs and raising private funds to support it.

Current Board Members

Lynnea Katz-Petted

Former Chair
Bruce M. Smith

Founding Chair
Bruce Jacobs


  • Sally Bentley
  • Marybeth Budisch
  • Carl (Chip) Burghardt
  • Cellene Byrne
  • Kristine Cleary
  • Dominic Colonna
  • Gael Garbarino Cullen
  • Mark Curran
  • Laura Freedy
  • Frederic G. Friedman
  • Phillip S. Georges
  • Ellen Glaisner
  • Eckhart Grohmann
  • Barry Grossman
  • Gordon H. Gunnlaugsson
  • Stanley F. Hack
  • Mikel Holt
  • Dr. Michael H. Keelan, Jr.
  • Sarah Wright Kimball
  • John Kirchgeorg
  • Dr. Vincent Kuttemperoor
  • William H. Levit, Jr.
  • William Mielke
  • Daniel M. Muchin
  • John K. Schultz
  • Johan Segerdahl
  • Nancy J. Sennett
  • Sonia Shields Stowe
  • Dale A. Thoma

Emeritus Members

  • James D. Bell
  • Priscilla Boelter
  • † William D. Browne
  • † John J. Burke, Jr.
  • † Daniel F. McKeithan, Jr. 
  • † Nicholas C. Wilson
  • Gary V. Zimmerman, FAIA


  • Ivor J. Benjamin, MD, FAHA, FACC
  • David Gutterman, MD

† deceased