About Endocrinology and Molecular Medicine

Srividya Kidambi

The Division of Endocrinology and Molecular Medicine aims to provide excellence in clinical care for all aspects of health and disease related to endocrine management (from thyroid, adrenal, parathyroid, diabetes, pituitary, bone, obesity and lipid disorders), to teach and train medical students, residents, fellows and physicians on all aspects of endocrine disease management, and to pursue cutting-edge research. We place a strong emphasis on disease prevention; management of body weight, exercise, eating healthy, aggressive management of cardiovascular risk factors are all aimed at preventing diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Our clinics aim at excellence in disease management, with an integrated team approach, being a tertiary and a quaternary referral center. We have specialized clinics for diabetes, pregnant diabetics, pituitary diseases, endocrine tumors, cholesterol and lipid disorders, as well as for weight management and the metabolic syndrome for the prevention of diabetes, heart disease and other co-morbid conditions. We work closely with our surgical colleagues to provide an integrated approach, starting with pre-surgical consultation, efficient work-up, and post-surgical management. There is an inpatient diabetes management team that is available 24-7 that not only assists in management of hospitalized diabetic patients, but also provides continuing training and teaching of diabetes management to our nurses, residents and fellows. We provide community-based outpatient clinics serving communities from Sheboygan to Kenosha, as well as preceptorships in diabetes management aimed at physicians in the community (both hospital and non-hospital based).

Our research areas focus on the genetics and biology of obesity, hypertension, cholesterol disorders, and pituitary-adrenal steroid hormone physiology. The research is carried out by some of the leading authorities in their respective fields: Dr. Theodore Kotchen is not only the Director of the General Clinical Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin, but is also a well-recognized authority on clinical hypertension research; Dr. Hershel Raff is an authority on cortisol metabolism.

Srividya Kidambi, MD
Chief, Endocrinology and Molecular Medicine