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Zahrt Laboratory


Microbiology & Immunology
TBRC C3673

General Interests

Mycobacterium, Two-Component Systems, Lipid Droplets

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Thomas C. Zahrt Laboratory

Research Areas

Project 1: Elucidate the function of PspA
The goal of this project is define the mechanism(s) by which PspA regulates lipid droplet homeostasis and non-replicating persistence in Mycobacterium.

Project 2: Sequestration of Mycobacterial proteins by lipid droplets
The goal of this project is to determine if lipid droplets regulate the transition of Mycobacterium into non-replicating persistence by sequestering key proteins normally involved in energy production, transcription and translation, and DNA compaction and cell wall synthesis.

Current Members


Renee Penoske

Research Associate II

Recent Publications