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eBridge is a web-based software application that facilitates the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) faculty and research staff to create, submit, track, report and archive applications involving grants (funding proposals), as well as research involving human subjects, animals, and biological materials. For MCW Institutional Review Boards (IRB), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), this site enables effective management of federal and local regulatory requirements by monitoring the flow of information and the associated activities and tasks for all submissions. eBridge optimizes the review process for researchers and committees, delivering a complete electronic based solution from submission through approval. eBridge has the following five modules:

  • Funding Proposals (grants)
  • Human Subject Research Applications
  • Animal Use Applications
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee Applications
  • Researcher Profile (repository for research related training)

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To obtain an account, complete the registration form. The information you provide will be sent to the eBridge Help Desk. Registrations are processed by the end of the next business day. Once your account is created, you will receive an email with your login information.

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General eBridge Information

In order to enter a protocol, AUA or funding proposal into eBridge, investigators must be registered in eBridge. Please contact the eBridge Help Desk, Help-eBridge@mcw.edu or by phone, (414) 955-8476 if you have questions regarding registering, navigating, or entering information into eBridge. eBridge staff will respond to these messages within 4 hours of receipt during normal business hours. If your question pertains to a particular submission, please remember to reference the ID number when contacting the eBridge Help Desk for assistance.

eBridge System Compliance

21CFR Part 11 Compliance document provided by the eBridge software vendor (PDF)

eBridge Electronic Signature: The Medical College of Wisconsin has certified to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the institution is compliant with 21CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures.

eBridge Human Projects

The eBridge Human Subject Projects module enables the MCW/FH Institutional Review Board (IRB) to capture the entire IRB regulatory process, monitor the flow of information and the associated activities and tasks for all users, delivering a complete electronic document based solution.

All new protocols, amendments, continuing progress reports, and reportable events must be entered into eBridge. This includes proposals that investigators believe may be non-human subject research or exempt from IRB review. Exceptions are: protocols that remain in paper with IRB permission, NCI CIRB submissions, HUD submissions, and requests for emergency use.

eBridge Animal Submissions

The eBridge Animal Submissions module enables researchers to submit, track, report and archive research activities. eBridge also allows MCW to effectively manage federal and local regulatory requirements. The electronic interface optimizes the review process for researchers by tracking and communicating submission status and required actions, and will automatically notify investigators of renewal due dates. eBridge allows the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to monitor the flow of information and activities associated with animal research at MCW.

eBridge Funding Proposals

The eBridge Funding Proposals module provides a single access point to create, submit and track all funding proposals (grants) at the College. eBridge integrates with MCW's Oracle system, a step that adds functionality to post-award account administration. Features of the eBridge Funding Proposal module include:

  • Electronic Funding Proposal submission, routing and approval
  • Web-based accessibility to Funding Proposal information anytime, anywhere
  • Budget creation using institutional templates
  • Automatic email notifications for requested changes from Grants and Contracts staff reviewers and/or sponsors

eBridge IBC Applications

The eBridge IBC Applications Module tracks the Institutional Biosafety Committee submission through the review process, sending the decision letter electronically. This electronic process helps MCW leadership monitor compliance issues at all times during the life of an application. It also facilitates the review process for IBC Members.

eBridge Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile is a central repository of training records for researchers and staff. Each eBridge account holder has a Researcher Profile with 24/7 access through an Internet connection. Currently, Researcher Profile tracks training related to Animal Submissions, Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research for Grants, CITI training for Human Subject research, and Safety Training. Researcher Profile sends automatic email reminders when date sensitive training is going to expire.

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