Medical College of Wisconsin Cardiovascular Medicine Research and Laboratories


  • Clinical Trials

    The Medical College of Wisconsin Cardiovascular Clinical Research Service conducts clinical studies at Froedtert Hospital and the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center.

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  • Human Vascular Translation Research Center (HVTRC)

    Human Vascular Translational Research Center (HVTRC) provides imaging technology for the detection of vascular endothelial dysfunction and adverse vascular remodeling.

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  • Cardiovascular Research Center

    Learn about research by Dr. Ivor Benjamin, Dr. Andreas Beyer, Dr. Michael Widlansky, and Dr. David X. Zhang within the Cardiovascular Research Center.

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  • Singing and Cardiovascular Health

    Learn more about Dr. Jackie Kulinski’s research study to evaluate how singing could improve cardiovascular health.

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  • Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

    The cardiovascular laboratory/cardiac catheterization laboratory is the subspecialty area of cardiology care where invasive procedures are performed.

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  • Cardiac MRI

    The MCW Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Group offers unique quality and expertise in the domain of cardiac MRI imaging.

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  • Echo Core Laboratories

    View information, scanning details, data analysis options and pricing schedules for the Adult Echocardiography Core Laboratory and Small Animal Echocardiography Core Laboratory.

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  • Electrophysiology Laboratory

    The MCW Arrhythmia Service diagnoses and treats heart rhythm disorders including Catheter Ablation, Pacemaker and Defibrillator surgeries.

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  • Ultrasound Laboratory

    A variety of echocardiograms are performed by skilled sonographers in the Cardiovascular Medicine ultrasound laboratory.

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