Cardiovascular Medicine

Clinical Trials

The Cardiovascular Clinical Research Service of the Medical College of Wisconsin conducts a variety of clinical studies at Froedtert Hospital and the Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Our mission is to offer innovative treatments to the patient population served by MCW while maintaining a safe, caring and well-controlled environment for our research patients.

Areas of interest include atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease prevention and long-term management, congenital heart disease and defects, management of congestive heart failure through disease progression, hypertrophic heart disease, brady and tachycardia management, hypertensive disease and lipid management structural heart disease (PFO, ASD) and stroke prevention. Alternative management may include drugs or devices.

The Cardiovascular Clinical Research Service provides patients the opportunity to participate in investigational treatment alternatives standard of care therapies do not offer. A team approach integrating faculty cardiologists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists and other highly specialized professionals is utilized.

The research team is available for patient and physician contact 24 hours a day to allow for continuous patient access.

Areas of current cardiovascular research include: Acute coronary syndromes, CAD, congenital heart defects, congestive heart failure, echocardiography, electrophysiology and hypertension.

Areas of interest include:

  • Utilization of multiple medical therapies with or without PCI in the treatment of unstable angina of non-STEMI.
  • Acute coronary syndrome device and medication based interventional trials.
  • Significance of closure of congenital defects has in reducing repeat vascular events and significance on migraines.
  • Long-term impact resynchronization therapy has on management of advanced heart failure.
  • Home telepharmacy to investigate congestive heart failure medication adherence.
  • Multiple electrophysiology device based studies.

Clinical Trials Status

The Cardiovascular Research Service is currently conducting drug and/or device trials in the cardiac subspecialties listed. However, this does not limit what we may be working on tomorrow.

Please contact the Cardiovascular Trials program by calling (414) 456-6777 or at